We’re growing up!


Oh hey you little blonde, bronzed…thirtysomething?

Ever since my 30th birthday back in June, I’ve been working on growing: personally, professionally, perfectly. Done are the days of being single in the city, navigating tricky relationships, friendships, and the like. Done are the days of blogging daily about all things dating and relationships. And though I love talking about all things under that umbrella, I’ve grown up, as have you, my beloved, blonde, bronzed readers.

So with that said, it has come a time where I must bid adieu to Blonde, Bronzed, Twentysomething and start a new chapter in my life: jentrified.

jentrified will be my new home and I invite you to join me in it.

jentrified is a more mature, grown up version of my acclaimed blog Blonde, Bronzed, Twentysomething, which received international attention and won awards for best dating and relationship blog and has been featured on the nations top morning and radio shows. jentrified will still cover dating and relationship advice and tips, but will also include all the various types of relationships we inhabit. Relationships with our parents, our children, our colleagues and our friends. Relationships with ourselves, our health and wellness, our relationships (read: obsessions) with food and drink, and our desire to host and entertain with finesse.

jentrified is your destination for all of life’s lusts. You can expect advice, tips, suggestions and ideas on how to make your life as easy as possible, but still filled with balance and abundance. It’s luxurious. It’s easy to navigate. And it will be answering all your questions on all things life, love and lust  and how to conquer life’s little questions, before you even ask them.

So join me on this new journey in my life. A sharper tone. A deeper look in. Into yourself. Into myself. Into this wondrous thing called life and how to inhabit it with flair. I’ll have lots of surprises and some great partnerships and can’t wait to disclose it to you as it all unfolds.

Be sure to check out my holiday gift guide that will be live on the site tomorrow in time for my launch, with suggestions from notable Canadians including Jessica Mulroney, George Stroumboulopoulos, Erin Kleinberg, Susur Lee, Shinan Govani and Natasha Koifman, amongst others. Find out what the head of Luxury and Lifestyle for InStyle Magazine has to say about jentrified, and bookmark this page to be sure you soak in my daily updates, tales and challenges.

But before I air kiss your contoured cheeks goodbye, I want to thank you. Thank you so very much for reading my blog, sharing your comments, challenging me with your questions, and sticking by as I grew over these past five plus years. I hope I too challenged you and helped you navigate your relationships and friendships when the going got tough. I admire all you readers who have come to BBTS in hopes of getting feedback and advice to get through the pains and challenges life unfairly threw your way in but a moments notice. Thank you readers for making BBTS the go-to site in Canada for all things dating and relationships. It’s been a wild ride and I couldn’t have been on it without you all.

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Wishing you all a great holiday season and hope you join me at jentrified on my next journey.

– Jenny Jen


Jen Kirsch x Women’s Health


For those of you have been following my tales of the heart for the past umpteen years on Blonde, Bronzed, Twentysomething, you can now find my more mature coverage for my fave magazine, Women’s Health. I am now the online Sex + Love writer for Women’s Health online. A total dream come true and love working and covering the latest newsy stories when it comes to dating, love and life. You can check out all my articles for them here.

Don’t have time to peruse and want pieces tailored based on your needs? Here are some of my most clicked and shared articles for Women’s Health that you might enjoy:

1. 9 Sign’s He’s the Guy You Should Marry
2. Single People Now Outnumber Married People3. Here’s What You Discover After Analyzing a MILLION Sex Toy Purchases
4. What Britney Spears Does to Feel Sexy
5. The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Men Share What They’re Really Looking For in a Woman
6. The 7 Best Times to Have Sex
7. What a Man’s Face Says About His Fertility
8. Why Jennifer Lopez Isn’t Giving Up on Love

Be sure to check out my first feature for Women’s Health in the November 2014 issue, which will be on newsstands next month.

– Jen

Your chance at an exclusive meet & greet with the gentleman of Bachelor In Paradise


If you’ve caught yourself lusting over the gents who have graced your small screen this summer on the most dramatic show ever – Bachelor Pad – and wish you had an opp to meet ’em and woe ’em (because it’s so obvious about what the babebette’s on the show are doing wrong) now’s your lucky chance.

michael stagliano, jen kirsch, bachelor pad, worthy 30
Above: Jen Kirsch and Michael Stagliano

I’m gifting one lucky reader the opportunity to win VIP tickets to do just that this upcoming Friday, September 5th in Toronto at the #TIFFBachelorParty hosted by The Bachelor alum and fan favourite, Michael Stagliano. I’ve met and worked with some of the boys in the past, and let me tell you, they’re even more charming and handsome in person.

You can win by…
1. Following me on Twitter @jen_kirsch
2. Tweet me using @jen_kirsch and share which babe of a  bachelor in paradise boy you’d love to meet & greet, along with the hashtag #TIFFBachelorParty

The winner will be announced via my Twitter @jen_kirsch the evening of Wednesday, September 3rd.

ed Swiderski, jen kirsch
Above: Ed Swiderski & Jen Kirsch reading the latest on Blonde Bronzed Twentysomething

Good luck, ladies! Looking forward to seeing the winners this Friday eve with a flute in hand. For those who don’t win, you can purchase tickets to the event here and/or get the gossip of the night by following my Twitter account. I’ll hold nothing back. Promise.

Your fairy godmother,
Jenny Jen