How to meet, and then land, the guy you’re crushing on

jen kirsch martin jensen

For those of you who have followed my blog religiously over the past four or so years, you might be wondering where the eff I’ve been and why I’ve been seemingly-slacking on salacious posts. Simply, I’ve been – around, just not on here – trying out this ‘writing for a living’ thing (thanks, Carrie Bradshaw for that idea.) My writing has been covered in some of my most fave publications and has developed into covering – not just romantic relationships, but – all things relationship oriented. From toxic friendships, to weddings, marriage and divorce, to work-relationships and the ones we have with our families. I tend to Tweet out all my published work and share links to online posts where my relationship advice has been quoted, featured or written by me. To stay in the loop on all things dating and relationships (and the shenanigans that are my thirtysomethings,) be sure to follow me on Twitter @jen_kirsch.

Now if you’re reading this due what the title of this post offers you, have no fear. Here’s what you’ve come for: I’ve been working on quite the playful (and to-the-point) series for View the Vibe, called #KirschsKrushes. Each week I give tips on how to meet, win over and – in turn – date a certain “type.” Whether you want to land the CEO of a company, a dude with a daughter, or even a self-described hipster, I offer you easy-to-follow tips on how to do just that. The pieces are short, sweet and are rumored to be quite successful for the ladies who lust over them and take my tips to use to their advantage.

Here is a look at all the types I’ve covered, to date. See the ‘type’ you’re after on the list? Click the link and start doing something about it, girl.

How to swoon…

Be sure to hit up View the Vibe every Tuesday, for hot, new #KirschsKrushes pieces. If your ‘type’ ain’t on the list above, don’t stress. He just might be coming up next week. Don’t want to wait? Write me in the comments below and let me know what ‘type’ you want me to feature next.

Happy hunting,

Jenny Jen

Photo: Martin Jensen and Jen Kirsch.


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