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Canada’s leading relationship expert has made a mark on the Toronto scene, often attending exclusive events, launches, parties and charity galas. Here you can take a peek into the life of a girl about town, and to learn about some of the cities hottest events.

Jen Kirsch and socialite Ainsley Kerr in Globe Society page


Jen Kirsch pictured with Toronto Argo’s Mike Bradwell in HELLO! Canada’s society page.

Jen Kirsch and Jeweller Shay Lowe in SheDoesTheCity.com event coverage


Jen Kirsch and fashion host Gail McInnes in FASHION Magazine

jen kirsch, pasquale
Society reporter Pasquale Casullo and Jen Kirsch in FASHION Magazine

Jen Kirsch and Jeweller Shay Lowe on SheDoesTheCity.com

Jen Kirsch at HELLO! Canada’s 2012 TIFF Party

Jen Kirsch in FASHION Magazine

Jen Kirsch, as featured on C Daily

Shay Lowe and Jen Kirsch featured on CDaily.com

PR Maven Amanda Alvaro, Jeweller Shay Lowe and Jen Kirsch on Notable.ca






Jen Kirsch speaking on a panel called Women of Influence, with fellow influencers & PR gurus photo copy


Artist Andrea Bolley, Jeweller John de Jong, Society writer Paul Aguirre-Livingston, Jen Kirsch at Toronto Life’s Most Influential people event


Jen Kirsch and star of HBO’s Girls, Allison Williams RE_StoliSuite


Host of The Social and CP24’s Melissa Grelo, Host of eTalk Tanya Kim and Jen Kirsch at a private event hosted by Stoli


Jen Kirsch on set of CTV Channel News


Jen Kirsch walking the red carpet at Toronto Life’s TIFF event in 2013

Artbound's The pARTy 2013 by Ryan Emberley

Jen Kirsch and publicist Charise Garcia at Artbound, in CDaily.ca



Celeb hairstylist Jie Matar and Jen Kirsch at Four Seasons one year anniversary fete



Jen Kirsch and socialite Ainsley Kerr at a private function at Louis Vuitton in support of ONE x ONE

1779860_10100666980120011_971085756_n copy


Jen Kirsch and the FEB 2014 issue of ELLE Canada, where her feature made the cover story


Eat Street’s James Cunningham and Jen Kirsch on the red carpet at the re-launch of Square One’s food court


Jen Kirsch with former Toronto Maple Leaf goalie Curtis Joseph at a private Chivas event


bachelorette jen kirsch

Jen Kirsch hosts Toronto’s top bachelorettes, c/o Jacob’s Creek wine, to watch the finale of The Bachelorette season in the summer of 2013. Attendee’s included: Degrassi’s Melinda Shankar, Fashion host Gail McInnes, Fashion blogger Kortney Lauren Shapiro, Publicist Charise Garcia, HELLO! Canada Editor in chief Alison Eastwood, Writer Rennee Sylvester Williams, Canadian artist Andrea Bolley and Cosmo TV producer Natalie Deane.




Jen Kirsch and boyfriend Model Martin Jensen at the launch of the new Cadillac

jen kirsch

Jen Kirsch featured on GLAM.com

city life

Jen Kirsch featured in National Post society page


Jen Kirsch on the red carpet at Mount Sinai’s annual Sinai Soiree


Jen Kirsch and Architect Alexander Josephson at the anniversary of Four Seasons Hotel


CTV News Channel

Jen Kirsch on the set of CTV News with host Dan Matheson

martin jensen, jen kirsch, right to play

Jen Kirsch and Model boyfriend Martin Jensen at Right to Play Ball 2014

jen kirsch, fashion magazine


Jen Kirsch and Cosmo TV producer Natalie Deane at the media launch of a El Catrin

On set with Cision

Jen Kirsch on set with Cision at Four Seasons, filming a feature called The Influencers, that went viral in Winter 2013


Jen Kirsch and Model boyfriend Martin Jensen at the annual Right to play Ball event at the Shangri-La Hotel


Jen Kirsch and society & celeb columnist Shinan Govani at Sharp for Men’s book party


The 5


Jen Kirsch on set with host Melanie Ng of The5 on CityNews


Jen Kirsch and fashion designer Erin Kleinberg

BAX7FHRCMAAQh82 6207_10151247488224127_1370672655_n

Gail McInnes, Paul Aguirre-Livingston and Jen Kirsch at Toronto Life’s Most Influential party

217891_10152110830695227_131100866_n 168821_10100227805220031_2074292195_n

Radio hosts Maura and Mad Dog pictured with Jen Kirsch in the 99.9FM studio



TSN’s Mike Richards and Jen Kirsch in studio

314331_10150350044452771_46678187770_8239637_1139553362_n 382608_952716992071_172002523_44964461_980149947_n-1 398531_10100112261445681_2114427021_n 418152_10100140717993531_1371406689_n 420991_10100116131549961_1333292294_n 421480_10100113701679441_1088679128_n 522783_10100205916854491_137176952_n 524991_10100221306992531_2010055152_n 528279_10100154812652721_1450097447_n 528863_10100184918395571_363807142_n-1 529309_10100156317706581_172002523_45567145_274132862_n 538548_10100221307316881_822524664_n 579883_10100270608526861_1980125172_n


4 251587_482182048468015_1188184138_n 404078_10100270177710221_686568733_n 423766_10100270581346331_1957959807_n 538788_482033715149515_610148012_n ed swiderski, jen kirsch, bachelor pad michael stagliano, jen kirsch, bachelor pad, worthy 30 ed Swiderski, michael stagliano, jen kirsch, bachelor pad ocfw4zaj-tw1582187_264029807038895_956629287_n-1 AklGnN6CIAARchN anmsq blowfish event brajen Blowfish Anniversary by Ryan Emberley bt 1 bt 2 Bye Bye Bride Path Bye Bye Bride Path cdaily  honey 3 honey 8 Jen Kirsch Ben Mulroney etalk jen kirsch and ben mulroney jen kirsch canada am jen kirsch, tanya kim, melissa grelo, amanda alvaro, shay lowe jen tk jen kirsch etalk jen-kirsch-shinan-govani-and-amanda-alvaro-at-the-worthy-30-party-hosted-by-grey-goose-vodka love trap lovetrap1 post city thefdrive 0 427680_197361920401753_1700771698_n 552462_649838227465_2081364884_n honey 2 the big give toronto, shay lowe, jen kirsch IMGP5644 jen kirsch shay lowe jen kirsch, andrea bolley, sabrina maddeaux jen kirsch, frocktail party toronto jen kirsch, mike bradwell, grey cup OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA scaled

30 photos of Toronto’s finest bachelors and bachelorettes from Shinan Govani’s annual Worthy 30 party  
Shinan Govani’s Worthy 30 PartyCasa Bacardi at DEQBlowfish anniversary event
Shinans Worthy 30 party
Party photos of the week: Sotheby’s International Realty Canada’s grand opening
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