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Short of writing her number on a match book, Jen is more than willing to pass off her contact info, as listed below.

Feel free to drop her a line if you want her to review a product, attend an event or take part in a speaking engagement.  Or perhaps you want to drop her a line because you just so happen to need some relationship and dating advice and want to arrange a coaching session. Looking for a freelance writer?  How about a Relationship Expert to make an appearance on your show? Just want to send some love?  Jen is open to it all.  Be in touch, say what up and share your tales.

Twitter: jen_kirsch

Image above: The Bachelorette winner Ed Swiderski and Canada’s leading relationship expert Jen Kirsch.


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. you’ve mentioned many books (in tweets) lately – would love a “what you’re reading” or a “what’s on your nightstand” (bookwise) post. Always looking for a good read! Love the blog!

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