Blonde, bronzed, thirtysomething?

jen kirsch, martin jensen

Jen Kirsch and model Martin Jensen aboard The River Gambler

When your brand is all about being a twentysomething, a lot of reflection comes when you turn the somewhat more mature age of 30, which I did a few weeks back on June 19th (will be writing a post this week on how I rang in my thirties, stay tuned!) Mostly, I’m in awe of the then (twentysomethings) to the now (thirtysomethings.) I vividly recall the moment I decided to start this blog turned website. It was in late October, and I took a course on mindfulness. One of the questions was where I saw myself in the future, what I wanted for myself, and how I can use my resources to make that happen. After brainstorming a bunch of names for my site, I came up with blonde, bronzed, twentysomething. It was so apropos. I was mid twenties, living a life full of lust, luxury and was attending some of the cities hottest parties, all which came alongside titillating tales come end of eve. I was single, mingling and loved reporting to you all about all the modern-day shit (for better and for worse) that all of us twentysomethings go through.

While I wistfully wrote these posts, in a general tone referred to by Shinan Govani in The National Post as ‘Carrie Bradshaw meets Jerry Seinfeld,’ I sucked you in by saying what we are all thinking but no one is talking about. So thank you, my loyal readers for reading my stories that comprise my day-to-day life. Your comments, thoughts and words have meant so much to me along the way and I wouldn’t be where I am without each and every one of you.

After blogging on BBTS for about half a year, I heard directly from the then-published of ELLE Magazine in New York who offered me a column. That was about 3 years ago and since then I scored a TV show on Cosmo TV and became the go-to voice on all things dating and relationships across the nation, making frequent appearances on Canada’s top morning TV and Radio shows. My work has been published in over 30 various top-tiered publications, allowing me to advise and share my tried and tested tips to the masses.

Now at 30, I’ve developed and grown, as one does when going through the experiences life gifts us. I am now in a happy, healthy relationship with a man I love in a way I never knew one could love before. We have a beautiful penthouse condo right downtown Toronto overlooked the lake from our balcony. We have a handsome mastiff dog, aptly named Titus. I just got my first book deal and will be spending my summer writing a book on all things dating and relationships and I can’t wait to share it with you once it’s published early next year.

One thing I learned from my experiences and success, is that you got to work for it. Don’t give up. Start small with a blog. Connect with others and mostly, use your resources.

I will be shifting this blog into a more mature website, within the next couple of months. It will be a hub for all things dating, relationships and will include lifestyle topics such as house and home and health and wellness. I’ll also be including weekly book reviews and will invite you to join me in an online monthly book club. I hope you’ll stick  around and join me in my next journey, that of a settled-down (but always ready to party) thirtysomething.


Jenny Jen

Photo credit: Dr. David Kirsch.


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