Whatever it takes

gym junkie

So I just saw this image and couldn’t help but smile and nod in agreement.  Because I hate, after sweating it out in my itty-bitty lulu’s, realizing that I didn’t check in to my yoga studio on Facebook.

Ever since starting my 30 day challenge on April 1st of this year, I’ve been checking in each and every time my pedicured feet make their way to the studio.  A smart-ass friend of mine wrote on one of my check ins: “Hey Jen, why does Facebook alert me every time you do a yoga class?”  To which I smart assly responded “To motivate you to finally get off your lazy ass and join me!”

Ensuring you get a workout in at least once a day, all whilst running your own business, living a social, twentysomething lifestyle and, just well wanting to hibernate, is tough.  That was a big reason why I shared my challenge with you, my loyal readers, at the beginning of this month – to motivate me to stick to my word.  Often, by saying something aloud and having people possibly nonchalantly following, we can keep on keeping on.  Because that’s what inspires others.

I love getting updates on what my healthy Facebook friends are eating, that they’re at the gym for the second time that day.  Seeing others engage in healthy behaviours instills a similar mindset.  So if ‘Doing it for the Tweet’ is what gets you onto the yoga mat, into the gym or out on the road for a sweat, so be it!  I commend you for making the decision to honour yourself, your body and your mind.

Find ways that help you feel motivated; that help you keep your word, and bask in them to bring out the best you that you can.  Sure, some people will find it annoying-as-fuck.  Hey!  They might even hide your updates.  But someone, somewhere will be grateful.  Will be impacted.  Take those pics, those selfies, update your statuses and keep on finding strength, even on those days where all you want to do is cuddle up with some gross eats and trashy tv.  “I really regretted that workout,” – said no one ever.


– Jenny Jen


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