Happy hunting


It’s time, girls.  It’s time just put it out there.  To not make assumptions.  That he’s out of your league.  That he’s not over his last relationship.  That he’s in a relationship at all.

We don’t approach the guys we like because they’re guys so if they’re into us, they’d approach us.  Right?  Wrong.  Because guys are just as human as us girls, which means they have insecurities and doubts and fear of rejection just like us.  Hey, he may not even know your single, available or interested.  So why not plant a seed?  Send him a Facebook private message or, next time you see him out ask him if he’s single or what his status is.  Is it a hella forward?  Hells yea.  Will it allow you to not waste your time and get an upfront answer and then, if he’s interested, develop said answer sooner – if at all?  You got it girl!

Have you ran into a former crush in the past few years, only for you to admit to them – or them to you – that you were crushing way back when?  Many of us are shocked to hear someone was just as into us back at the same time we were just as into them, so safe to say, this is a pretty obvious lesson, yeah?

The words for you to either write or utter aren’t up to me.  But instead, when you think it, say it.  Say it naturally in a way that makes sense to you.  See the green light on next to their Facebook name on Facebook chat?  Drop them a message.  See them out?  Say something.  Don’t wait to compose the write words to convey the right message.  The more raw and natural you are, the more likely you are to receive a response.  Worst case scenario?  Dude is flattered, you found out right away without dropping hints and looking into everything he says and does, with or without you.  Best case?  He’s into you and perhaps you schedule a date to see if there’s a potential connection.

Hard to get is all well and good, except when no one has any idea what – if anything – the other person is thinking.  Break the ice.  And if he doesn’t respond or fails to respond favourably, no big deal.  Take it with grace, end the convo with class and have no doubt that in time, the person who is meant for you will enter in your life when the stars allign and it’s meant to be.

Happy hunting, honey.

– Jenny Jen

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One thought on “Happy hunting

  1. Chicks have fear of rejection!? Lol that’s friggin’ new to me! And chicks don’t approach men neither. As a chick, I figured you would know this. There are rare exceptions, but that is tiny tiny tiny!

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