Holding yourself back? How to let go


Carelessness – in a world where every look, word uttered, word not uttered, tweet, images and so on and so forth means something – is a very rare way of being to come by.  And yet, when one is at peace within themselves, it is so very understandable.

When you’re centered, when you do your best, when you don’t make assumptions, when you xxxxxx, a la The Four Agreements, you can be pretty close to complete.  And it is in this mind-frame where you can look back on the reels of scenes you once stared in, in the movie that makes up your life, and you can literally feel nothing.  The pain of being excluded on a night that you looked forward to for days, weeks, minute to minute.  To your broke-down self on a friends coach in a pair of pajamas with a mascara-streamed face as you asked, on repeat ‘but why did he end it? I just don’t get it?’  These times and feelings have come and gone and you are still here.  You’ve come a long way and the time has placed a difference to the you then to the you now.

Our experiences shape us, build our strength and bring us to the now in which we reside.  But to come as so far as to look back on a time or a moment within it where you felt tortured, and to see yourself now, it’s like a new you.

They say we have to let go of past hurts.  We have to forgive others (in our minds) in order to fully move forward.  In order to grow and be present and to open ourselves to this thing they called life.  What are you holding onto?  How is, whatever it is you’re holding onto, helping you?  How is it holding you back?  What if – as impossible as it may sound – you let it go, just like that?  What if you send positive energy and well wishes to the one who broke your heart, who let you down, who broke your dreams?  When we let go of all that weight in which we carry, only then can we look back and feel nothingness.  Feel a loss of a care.  Set yourself free.

– Jenny Jen

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