The beauty of quotes

wise tea

“Live and let live” – my Yogi tea bag.

Isn’t it interesting how – dependent of whatever we are personally going through at the time we hear a quote, or a song, it takes on it’s own meaning; its own interpretation?  Last night I was fixing myself my ritualistic before bed green tea, when I noticed the quote “Live and let live,” on my tea bag.  To me, I interpreted this quote as meaning ‘Don’t preach.’

As I’ve been spending the better part of the week educating myself about the benefits of a plant-based diet, I have caught myself trying to promote this lifestyle (all while sharing not so cool stats with others, even though they never asked to hear them).  I’ve become that girl who shares all this info, unasked, and proudly at that (for shame!) But I have never even inhaled a drag of a cigarette all my live-long life and yet, I’ve never once caught myself saying comments or cancer stats with friends who choose that lifestyle for themselves.  So when I saw this quote dangling from my Yogi tea bag last night, I couldn’t help but think of (and be grateful for) this reminder.  To not preach.  To just do my thing.  To enjoy.  Which is crazy because I bet if I got this tea bag a year and a half ago while dealing with a break up, I would’ve interpreted the meaning really rather differently.

This got me to thinking of other quotes, and how they help in ways in which we need them to in the moment.  We are all looking for wisdom.  For motivation.  For a reminder.  Hey, that’s why I splurge on Yogi tea bags to begin with!  Yeah the green tea tastes phenom, but I also have totally convinced myself that when I pull a packet out of the main package, whatever quote (or as I like to call it, ‘fortune’) is on my tea bag, is meant for me in the moment.  Sure it’s all fate-like and may be totes cray, but it definitely does it for me.

One of my fave quotes (said by one of my fave guys, at that) is: “Why ruin a good story with the truth.” – Woody Allen

Today this quote makes me think of others naivety towards food (I know, I know, I’ll get over it eventually!) whereas in the past it made me think of peoples ignorance towards their romantic relationships and the reality of what’s going on.

So if quotes have the ability to stay the same, yet have a whole different meaning to us ech time we hear ’em, this means that – not only are we changing and growing, but – other things like lyrics in a song, the plot of a movie, words in a book and pieces of art will continue to be very different for us if we have a love affair with them forever more.  What a great way to monitor your growth; what a great way to open your eyes to the current story lines your life finds you in.

What are your favourite quotes and songs and what do they mean to you?

– Jenny Jen


2 thoughts on “The beauty of quotes

  1. “Choose Happiness” is my go-to. It’s on my work computer desktop and phone wallpaper. It’s a good reminder when things get hectic/stressful/gloomy that it’s your choice how you handle those situations.

    • I love that, Maureen. I think it’s so empowering and day-changing for people to have things that motivate them – whether it be a quote or an image – as their computer desktop wallpaper. Mine currently is an image of a notepad, which has the words ‘We all have stories to tell,’ scribbled on it in black ink. To me it acts as a reminder to either blog daily or share my tales through radio and tv appearances.

      Thanks for your comments!

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