Stuck in the middle

crazy gf

You know when you totally get stuck in the middle of some other couples issues and drama and you didn’t even do anything really to be a part of it?  Like when a flirtatious (and handsome) gent offers to buy you a drink at a bar and you end up engaging in the to-be-expected, end-of-eve swap-spitting, only to find out from a friend of his (after the deed is done) that he is in fact in a relationship?  Or you know that time when a guy flirts the shit out of you on Facebook chat (all talk, no action) only for his girlfriend to one night sneak into his Facebook to find your conversation in turn making him and you to be the bad guys (even though nothing physical even ever happened?)

Situations such as the above suck.  What sucks even more than getting stuck in them, little to your knowledge, is when the girlfriend (who is giving a bad name for girls everywhere) decides to approach her guy and does so with a “believeable” excuse that she found out that all this was happening because you (or a friend of yours) reached out to her?

Ladies everywhere: If you are going to break into your partners phone/email/Facebook chat, etc., and you are going to broach the subject, do yourself a favour and be honest with your partner about how you retrieved such information.  For the second you start essentially making up lies about where the information came from, not only do you too become just as untrustworthy, but you also get other parties involved.  Parties that – I would be my long, blonde lockes on – don’t care to be involved in.  Parties that then become a part of the demise of your seemingly imperfect relationship who in turn tell their friends and anyone who will listen just how fraudulent your relationship (and sense of self worth) is.

We all get so lost in our heads and are often looking for trouble.  Or perhaps we have a sixth sense that something isn’t right in our relationship, so we sneak into our partners pockets/phones/etc. for receipts and words that act as self-fulfilling prophecy’s that, yes, something is wrong.  But when you start looking for – and in turn find – trouble, it is up to you – especially if you’re going to stay with your partner – to deal with that trouble between the two of you.  Or with your therapist (if you have one) and/or bestie.  The second you bring the other woman (aka: innocent bystander) into it is the same second you become a crazy bitch.

Don’t air your dirty laundry.  Never be that girl that blames the other girl, when she isn’t the one even in your relationship and likely doesn’t even know you exist, and instead deal with the matter with grace and class.

The same way us women seems to find out all our guys secrets, us women also seem to find out other women’s crazy-girl antics.  Before you go pointing fingers, always take a moment to look in the mirror first.

– Jenny Jen

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