Hitting the re-start button


We whine.  We complain.  We make up excuses to others and ourselves.  All in the name of not having enough time.  From demanding schedules to unreasonable – and seemingly limitless – responsibilities, we are all rushing through our lives resemblant of Dave Matthews Band’s acclaimed song ‘Ants Marching.’

I too am guilty of being go, go, go.  Not stopping to smell the roses; not fully even engaging in conversations with those in my company, to instead scroll through my social media feeds.  I began noticing that I’ve been run down as of late.  Getting a cold every couple weeks, yet avoiding (or making up excuses) as to what my body was really trying to tell me.  ‘Oh, but I spent all of March break with my niece and nephews who had strep, so obviously that’s why I’m sick.’  Yeah sure, but that doesn’t explain the countless other times I’ve lost out on days of work and missed some well-looked-forward-to events so I could stay in bed, sleep, sweat it out and fight it off.

I miss waking up with lots of energy.  I miss all the time I used to have when I didn’t have to take 10 minutes to button up my jeans.  Part of being off my yoga mat led to not eating so well and I can just keep this cycle up or I can do something about it.

Well enough is enough.  Instead of saying tomorrow, start today, with me.  With the promise of a new month, a new beginning, there is no time but the present.  When you fuel your body with healthy, natural foods, when you sweat once a day, when you feed your mind with healthy books, informative tv shows, when you take time to meditate and just be, when you practice mindfulness, when you surround with those that make you feel better, not worse, you are living the best life that you can live. We all know like attracts like, so for you single folk wondering what you might be doing wrong, perhaps nows your time to work on you, to become a better you, to attract a healthy, like-minded mate.

Join me in becoming a well-rounded healthy being.  It’s amazing at what just one month, this month, 30 days, can do for your psyche, your energy, your aura, your sense of happiness.  For me it’s not about losing weight, dieting or engaging in certain behaviours as a means to an end, but instead it’s about grounding myself.  It’s about a healthy lifestyle.

Here is what I’ll be doing this April to become a better me, and I encourage you to join along (how’s that for motivation?)

Here’s my April itinerary:

– signed up for a 30 day yoga challenge, to practice an active yoga class (I do 60 or 75 minute Moksha yoga classes) once a day, and twice if I have the stamina (or if a restorative class is offered)

– changed Facebook settings so i can get all updates from chosen, specific friends, all who are health junkies, often updating their profiles with images of what they’re eating, links, etc

– updated my bookmarks tool bar on my computer to display short cuts to my fave healthy living blogs and my yoga studios daily schedule. These include: FitSugar, Oh She Glows, Eating Bird Food, Healthy Chicks, Shannon Kadlovski, Meghan Telpner Nutrition, Moksha Yoga.

– am an avid reader so my reads this month will all be healthy-minded reads. So far on my reading list: Girls Gone Green, The Kind Diet, The Honest Life, and Wherever you go, There you are (but I will splurge too and read the novels for both my book clubs as well).  If I have time this month I’m also going to re-read The Four Agreements and The Full Catastrophe of living.

– reprinted the first 4 weeks of an 8-week mindfulness program I took a few years ago, so I can re-do the mindfulness practices.  This includes a 45 minute body scan a day and silent meditation.

– blog daily (feel fulfilled when I get to share my thoughts)

– though i’m not vegan or vegetarian, I love eating vegan friendly, especially when I’m practicing yoga on the daily.  Will be trying many recipes this month that are vegan friendly, made with natural products.

– three day benourished cleanse (I often buy the drinks at Pusateri’s in Toronto and love ’em!) and I’ll be sharing my learning’s and results on a radio segment on Toronto’s Richard and Chris Morning Show on Proud FM

– Jenny Jen

Photo credit: Taken by Erin Bury. All rights reserved.


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