Loving Kindness


Once upon a time, I took an 8-week course in mindfulness training.  The course was so positively impactful on my life, that – not only did I take the next level of the course on ‘Loving kindness,’ but – I took both courses a few times over the following few years.  What is mindfulness?  Being in the moment.  Appreciating everything and being aware of it all as it is happening.  What is loving kindness?  To me it is being appreciate of yourself, positive and honest to yourself.  Having self love.

Though I’m no longer enrolled in courses that remind me to be mindful every moment of everyday, I’m still so conscious of my thoughts, my feelings and of being in the moment.  The great news about this is, that you too can live a mindful, more loving life simply by reading my words and becoming more aware.

Like for example, if you’re surrounded by a few people you love.  Perhaps your nieces and nephews.  Perhaps your godchildren.  Think of how they look up to you.  How they trust being around you.  How they run to you when you get to their door.  How they hold you and hug you and tell you they love you.  How your siblings or friends trust you with their kids.  Think about all the love they are giving you and how they look up to you and follow suit unto yourself.  Give yourself the same love.  The same trust.  The same sense of being in awe.

When we have self-love, the rest of life follows suit.  Others negative words need not effect us, for we are whole, strong beings.  The healthier your mind is, the healthier you become in so many ways.  Sure there are powerful exercises like keeping a gratitude journal and jotting down three things you are grateful for into said journal every night before bed.  You can take 10 minutes a day to sit in silence, meditating, watching your negative thoughts pass.  Feel free to look online for other ways to practice loving kindness, and you’ll notice such a positive difference in your day to day life.

I always say “When I feel good, you look better,” and I fully believe that.  When I feel like my best self I’m more likely to see the best in others.  I’m more likely to stop and hold the door open for another, help others out and take the time to appreciate all that my day has to offer when I’m in a loving place.

If you’re searching for happiness this spring, learn to treat yourself with the love you give the most favourite people in your life and to realize all the kindness around you.

– Jenny Jen

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