Be happy for other couples


You log on to your Facebook to check out the latest updates to your end-of-weekend feed when you notice this couple and that couple posting about their weekends together.  Whether celebrating an anniversary, out on a weekend lovers getaway, or just chilling at home with their puppy, as you see these images and status updates, a smile comes across your face.  How lucky – you think – that my friend has finally found their match; a person who seems as though they’re made just for your friend. Their other half.  Two peas in a pod.

To see who ends up with who.  To see what they do to keep their bond strong.  To see what things and moments make up their relationship.  I know I can’t help but feel a pang of love and utter happiness when I see those in my life who are experience what we all strive for, love.   Whether it is a couple I’m close to or just mere acquaintances, I’m always refreshed and glowing when hearing of their experiences together, no matter how major or minor.

We see our friends go through life’s up and downs.  Through mistakes made, beds woken up in, break ups that have blindsided them.  We’ve witnessed them in off and on relationships that were so obvious to our watchful eyes that weren’t ever going to go anywhere.  All these observations make the now all the much more sweeter.  A reminder that things work out how they’re meant to and if you just let things play out, things get better when you walk away from the unhealthy; from the toxic.  When you accept.

Think of these couples when the going gets tough in your life instead of ignoring the tell tale signs that things are off in your current situation.  Instead of avoiding your coupled up friends if you’re single or worse – not acknowledging or appreciating their special moments that make up their happiness as witnessed through your Facebook feed – make time to be that third wheel and spend time with them, observing just how easy it seems; just how great a match they are. Like their updates.  Comment on them.  Be a part of their love story and bask in the happiness that is your friends happily ever after.

– Jenny Jen

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