How your online persona is ruining potential relationships


Today I did I segment on Breakfast Television that I was pretty passionate about.  It was about people’s online persona’s and how they can destroy relationships before they already begin.  Think: guy whose past Facebook profile pictures consist of him with various promo girls in various shots, or the guy dancing with the girls on a trip to Vegas.  Fine by you?  Then think: guy who updates his status constantly complaining about people/places/things that suck/blow/are pathetic and the like.

Today is the day when us girls borderline Google a guy we just met from the stall in the washroom at the bar/resto/event we just met him at, before we get too attached or – dare I say – give him our number.  We check out who our mutual Facebook friends are to judge him based on that.  We ask a mutual friend that we’re closest with to see the dude’s Facebook page (so we don’t need to add him before we’ve decided – based on how he presents himself – if we want him in our lives or not) and we check out everything from his last few tagged pics, check-in’s, status updates and the like.

It’s absolutely reasonable to judge one based on their online persona, especially if you are quite the online savvy social bumble-bee yourself, because how one represents themselves can in turn represent you, especially if you become an item.  Jenn Valentyne asked me if you can fix their persona by telling them about your queries?  I say how they are online shows how they are in life.  These days how we act online is incorporated with our day to day ways of being.  If someones Twitter feed is constantly on the defensive, if they are never promoting others but instead calling others out, this is something that should through off some red flags.

Have you ever met someone who was so insanely fabulous in person, only to add them on your social media networks to be truly embarrassed by each and every one of their updates?  If so, did you end things cold turkey or not even start them to begin with?

– Jenny Jen


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