The here and now


We wonder what’s next.  We worry about what once was.  We replay situations, seeing things through learned lenses, unable to see them for what they are.  We partake in distractions to avoid the drama and the intimacy of it all, labeling these things as what consists of our day, only to wake up and do it all over again.

To get lost in the imaginary to-be’s, and to travel in the cage that we can no longer go back into.  The here and the now escapes us, as we lose sight of the very nature that is growth.  Letting ourselves feel.  Letting ourselves learn.  Letting ourselves live.

If only we took the time to feed ourselves, we’d be given just the right nutrition to allow us to live a more wholesome life.

When you nourish and nurture yourself, you in turn nurture and nourish those who surround you. Strip yourself in your mind of the unhealthy.  Of that which holds you back.  Of the excuses you grant yourself for some reason or another.  Treat yourself in that which you like, but only to empower you and satisfy your need to live.

– Jenny Jen

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One thought on “The here and now

  1. This is beautiful Jen! Pure, honest, real thoughts. Couldn’t love it more. It’s so important to treat yourself well, let go of the negative and move forward to live the wonderful life you deserve. ALLOWING to let yourself live this way. This says it all.

    Alright, off to book it in Starbuck’s for some tea & writing which always makes me think of you xo

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