Radio silence


We want an explanation.  A sense of understanding.  Is there someone else? we wonder immediately, our self-defense at its finest.  And yet, it doesn’t matter why a guy disappears.  In fact, we should be grateful for him doing so.  Because it takes two to tango so the story goes, and if one isn’t in seeing a dance through to the end of the song, then it’s not a tune worth playing, let alone on repeat.

We see men who run as weak, yet we see men who stay equally as weak.  Truth is, if it is someone’s nature to peace out without so much as a word, than you my little lady have already dodged a bullet.  If you’ve only gone on a date or two, whether you saw potential or not, need not matter.  So early on when barely anything is exchanged, no one owes no one anything.  We can never truly know anothers intention nor can we ever really know what steered them away, whether it was their doing or ours, bur what we do know for certain is it is A-ok.

In our younger years we’d likely analyze or maybe even be more intrigued, after all what young thing doesn’t want to be the center of a man’s fancy?  The guy disappears, now I want him even more! we exclaim to any and all of our b to the f to the f’s.  But these days it’s easy to move on unaffected; to move on with ease.  To think, meh, guess that’s not happening and hit the road onto the next.

If self-chatter comes up and you spend but more than a mere minute wondering where this one to two hit wonder wandered off to, worry not my friend.  Have a drink, have a laugh, warn your girlfriends and get on with your fabulous day.

– Jenny Jen

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