His and her holiday gift guide, for the different stages in your relationship

‘Tis the season of giving and getting and no, not just behind closed doors.  With the holidays comes the opportunity to shower your special someone with love, praise and attention, as well as the opp to show them just how well you know them; just how much you care.

So for those of you ladies and gents who want to win a few extra points, here are a list of some of my go-to suggestions, no matter how long (or how little) you’ve been together.

If you’re casually dating/hooking up with someone

uber new

For himUber is an on-demand private driver service that allows you to summon a luxury sedan, suv or even a taxi, all with the tap of an app. Get your bed-buddy an Uber gift card, so he can easily grab you, come end of eve, when he leaves his boys after a night on the town. This will – no doubt – shut your friends up from telling you that you deserve a guy who treats you better and more than just a booty call. Oh, and you can also choose whatever amount you care to spend. For purchase or further details, check out uber.com/gifts

damn heels

For herDamn Heels are the perfect gift for the girl who may ‘overstay her welcome’ if you will.  This gives her the piece of mind that, if she spends the night, she can sneak out without looking like the walk of shame, come morn.  It’s something subtle (there’s no way a pair of flats will make her think you want to take the next step) but shows your sense of humour and prevents her from dodging out your door in a pair of your flip flops. The set (shoes and clutch – that turns into a tote for her to pop her heels in) is $55 and sold online at damnheels.com.

If you’ve been dating a few weeks, but see long-term potential

Winning Solutions board games $48 each v2 (2)

For him – Something simple and playful, is the way to go to ensure you don’t come off too strong and scare the poor guy away.  I hear playful; I think games. The Winning Solutions board games are my fave.  They are vintage looking Clue, Monopoly and Scrabble games. It makes for a great date night at home, over a bottle of wine and take-out (bow chica wah wah). And it will look great on his book shelf, to boot! Available at Holt Renfrew, $48.


For her Felony studded iPhone case. This case, perfect for the trendsetter, is inexpensive, takes minimal effort (can be purchased online,) and will no doubt remind her of your fabulous-self every time she looks at it.  It’s a sweet and subtle way to be part of her day.  Match with: A handwritten holiday card with an inside joke to make her laugh.  You don’t wanna come off too strong. Also available at Holt Renfrew, $50.

If you’ve been an official couple for a few months but haven’t said “I love you” yet


For him – What seals-the-deal, so to say, about bringing a relationship to the next step, is having some independence.  Men don’t want to feel suffocated (even though we want to see him at every hour of the day) and value a chick who is cool enough to give him some “me” time.  How to play cool chick?  Gift the guy with some scotch Add a note with the gift saying ‘Just little something for you to enjoy with your boys, before your next guys night out. Have fun, babe!’ Which type to get? For the scotch lover who hasn’t been exposed to the range or is just trying to find their fave, Glenmorangie has a delightful discovery pack for the holidays. It retails for $73.60 at the LCBO.

la senza pajamas
For her – Something sweet and somewhat sentimental is always a safe bet.  Why not get your gal a cute pair of cozy pj’s for her to bundle up in when cuddling with you on the couch?  They make you look like a gent and don’t shout “I need you to dress sexy to have my heart.”  There’s an assortment of pj sets, like these leopard ones photos above, available for under $50 at La Senza.

Want to add a little spice?  Pair a set with a silk sleeping mask like The Classic Eye Mask by Cilque (see image below.) Available at select Bay stores and Cilque.com., $45.


If you’re in a serious long-term relationship

FINAL v2-Ice-Wine-Tours-2013-web-banner

For him – At this stage in your relationship, it’s more about having a shared experience together and creating memories, as opposed to trying to impress one another.  So without further adieu, may I intro you to iYellow Wine Club: a social wine club of over 10,000 members in the GTA – where you get to taste wines from all over the world, learn about the wines you love, and meet other wine lovers. And best of all, membership is free!”Gift of choice? An Icewine Tour on either Saturday January 19 & 26, 2013 up in Niagara. Everything is taken care of – your transportation, lunch, wine tastings, winery visits – making this a stress free mini-getaway, all included in the pre-paid cost. Plus, you get to purchase the wines of your liking, which you can share over a romantic dinner this winter. iYellow is currently running a ‘Buy One Get One 1/2 Off’ offer ($187.50 with the deal,) so there is no better time to buy then the present! (see what I did there?) Available at http://iyellowwineclub.com/events

Courtesan Mother of Pearl Collar Style B (N7710220040)

For her – A perfect holiday necklace for the girl in waiting is the Courtesan necklace by Rebekah Price Designs.  Its rose gold finish sets a serious tone, along with the intricate detailing.  Mother of pearl, opal, and crystal make up this elaborate piece , and it is sure to be noticed at any and every party. Available at rebekahprice.com, $590.

If you’re engaged


For him – If your hubby-to-be has been wanting to get back into shape before the big day, but hasn’t done anything about it, might I suggest getting him a 10-Pack Class Pass to a boutique fitness studio, such as Union Studio?  With Raine Maida and a few fellow Our Lady Peace band members behind it, which – might I add – is the studio where the band practiced for 15+ years, you can motivate your man by promoting the musical influence that started it all. Additionally, the idea that it’s not like the average big-box gym might be incentive enough, as it’s not likely that he’ll run into everyone and their moms while he’s sweating it out. The 10-Pack Class Pass includes 10  Union Cycle, Barre, TRX or Milates classes, and special for the holidays (until December 31st, 2012) – you get two classes free! Expires one-year from the date of purchase. Available in studio or online, $190.


For her – You’ve already splurged on a rock, this holiday season give the gift of flawless hair. A blo out is an affordable luxury – now your fiance can replace battling the round brush with wedding planning. A hot pink plastic gift card on a cheeky Blo postcard. Available in blo out denominations, $35+. Catwalk-quality hair guaranteed. Double click blomedry.com for a Blo location near you.

If you have a baby-daddy/baby-mama


For him/her: If you have a child with someone and are on good terms with them but aren’t dating them, something sweet – that, both they, and your mini-me can benefit from – is WOON’s iPod dolls, which even topped VOGUE magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide list this year! Your baby-daddy can simply upload his fave Coldplay or AC/DC songs on iTunes – even in lullaby versions – and have some calm time when chilling with the youngin. Available on Amazon, $49.99.  A Teddy Bear Woon iDoll is available at Indigo, $39.99.

If you’re married


For him – Sometimes, once we’ve tied the knot, we forgo gift giving and spending our life savings to impress him and instead resort to just exchanging cards, if anything.  Remind your hubby just how appreciative you are by sending him for a Pfaff track day.  Though pricey, it is a memorable gift for the gent that has your heart. Contact Pfaff Porsche for 2013 track day availability and pricing online at www.pfaffporsche.com or by phone: 905.851.0852.

For her – You’ve already put a ring on it, which means – cough, cough – you’ve already set the bar high. So how to keep her on her toes? A little FYI: Canadian luxury brands Inniksillin + Birks recently announced their collaboration, pairing their premium award-winning Icewine and the diamond decorated Snowflake Collection just in time for the holiday season. There are four different ice wines ranging from $49 – $99, and four different necklaces from $1795 – $5295 (lucky bitch!) For availability and price lists based on the items photographed above, visit Inniskillin.com and Birks.com.

Wishing you and yours a happy and gifted holiday filled with love.  Happy shopping!

– Jenny Jen


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