Link time

No matter what your relationship status or issue is, Blonde Bronzed Twentysomething is here to help.  Check out our newly published articles in November, thus far:

Dating problems

7 signs you’re in a toxic relationship

Dating a guy who always texts, but isn’t available? The need to knows

How to decipher what men really mean

4 reasons to date someone who’s not your type

Break ups

How to end a relationship the right way

How to help your teen through a breakup

6 reasons not to get back together with your ex

6 steps to falling in love with yourself

Sexy time

How to boost your sex drive

Social life stuff

How to balance your work life and social life

Is technology helping or hurting your friendships?

6 budget-friendly gift ideas for your friends

Should you bring your other half to your work holiday party?

Love stuff

5 reasons to write a love letter

Need to knows when picking a wedding dress

Happy reading, blondettes!

– Jenny Jen

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