A clear perspective

How refreshing it is to look at oneself through the eyes of adorning children.  Nieces.  Nephews or our very own flesh and blood.  They lack the judgment that we spend our time passing on ourselves.  They love unconditionally; innately.  They see things for what they are and show their interest with both their words and their actions, showing us just how grateful they are to have us around.  If only we could love ourselves, look up to ourselves and realize just how truly beautiful we are, inside in out, through the eyes of our mini-me’s.

But so, such in not a realistic tale.  Because even the most optimistic of us tend to play a highlight reel of our worsts; our coulda, shoulda, wouldas.  We experience negative self talk, get down at ourselves and often misconstrue other peoples niceties for personal stabs.  And so, without a whole lot of time spent in therapy to work on re-framing our entire perspective, we must be aware of how kids see us and have gratitude for the little things.  Like when they ran to the door from the other end of the house, when you walk in.  Like that look in their eyes, their smiles, when you see them.  The excitement they have when they hear that you’re on the phone and they can just say hi.

Then, with this added insight, use the same when judging yourself.  When you’re about to criticize yourself, ask ‘What would so and so think,’ and then think that way.  Though we might have some frenemies and nemesis, I am certain that we are our worst.  Stop clouding yourself with untruths and see yourself for who you really are.  Spend time with children who remind you what it is like to be happy and carefree.  And rejoice in the knowingness that you are someones role model, the same way someone else out there was once yours.

– Jenny Jen

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