About your jealousy issues and how to rise above ’em

Do you envy other couples happiness? Do you actually feel negative emotions when others share good news, successes, life changing events? Perhaps it could be a past lover, who you just found out via a Facebook status update that they’re engaged, and you can’t pinpoint why exactly because they so aren’t for you and you haven’t talked to them in years, but somewhere, in the pit of your stomach and the centre of your mind is a feeling of unhappiness? Or perhaps you hear about someone you were once close with, now living it up and flourishing in their job, that same job that you’d label ‘dream job.’ Yes, these things might polarize the fact that you aren’t exactly where you want to be, just yet, but just because others are happy, doesn’t mean it has anything to do with you, where you are and where you can be.

Instead of getting jealous, being down, eating a pint of ice cream…

– send the person who triggered this negative feeling a pleasant message, congratulating them on whatever it is. At the root of your negativity is probably the knowingness that they’ve achieved something you want. Reach out. Be a mensch. Share your well wishes. The more positivity you put out, the more you’ll get back.

Instead of thinking negative thoughts and possibly gossiping to others in hopes that if you put others down, you’ll feel higher up…

– look at what it is that is making you feel like they have something you don’t, and ask yourself how you can healthfully fill yourself up with that want or need. If you’re single and you feel a loneliness or a sense that you’ll never find someone, perhaps take note of what attracts you to others, and find a way to inhibit those traits.

If you satisfied your own needs, by taking care of yourself, you wouldn’t be brought down by others triumphs, successes and love discovered. So take time to grow. Take time to develop yourself and make yourself the best you possible. Smile. Love. Be giving. Giving of compliments, time and affection. Engage in that which makes you happy; something you’re passionate about. Everyone is entitled to their own happiness and you can obtain that by sharing positive energy, as opposed to a cloud of negativity. We know that energy is contagious, so brush up, get out, dress up, use your resources and stop worrying about what others have and what you don’t. By doing that you aren’t realizing all that in which you do have. Gratitude is the name of the game, sister.

– Jenny Jen

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