A conversation with the boys from Bachelor Pad

It’s not every day you get contacted by a publicist to interview Bachelor Pad’s Michael Stagliano and Ed Swiderski, but on a casual mid-weeks afternoon, I recieved a call requesting just that.  Being a relationship expert on Love Trap, a reality TV show on Cosmo TV and being a relationship columnist at that (not to mentioned a Bachelor Pad fan,) I jumped at the opportunity.  Ok, I didn’t jump because I was likely in heels, but you know what I mean.  In any case, I said ‘I do,’ and yesterday I did just that.

So what happens when a relationship expert meets two boys whose many a relationships we’ve watched on TV both on the Bachelor Pad and The Bachelorette (Jillian’s season)?  We talk about all the dirty details you’d expect to find in ones little black book.

Their turn on’s:

– Girls who can hold their liquor and who knows when to cut herself off.  There is nothing more unattractive to both of them than a chick who is stumbling all over the place.  So no hot mess’s, thank you very much.

– Girls who offer to cover a tab.  Stagliano admits he rarely will let a lady pay, but it goes noted when she offers and is willing to.

– Girls who don’t talk to them about the show.  And I’ll simplify this since many of us don’t date actors: a guy wants to discuss his work at times, but doesn’t want to be constantly questioned about it.  Time with a girlfriend is a great distraction from the day to day duties.

– Girls who push through conversation as if they already know all about them.  What we can learn?  Even if you know all about your date from stalking the shit out of his Twitter and Facebook and the likes, perhaps don’t talk to him assuming you know his whole life story.  Give someone the chance for them to teach you who they are.

Misconceptions of them from Bachelor Pad they want to correct:

In tomorrows finale, Stagliano comes off as a bit of dick, for a lack of better words – as us fans have seen in the preview.  He looks like a heart-breaker, and yet he says what viewers don’t know is the course of their relationship only lasted 8 days.  He was just having fun, like many of us do when we meet someone who piques our interest and admits that she never once mentioned the L word or how strong she felt.  He compares their relationship if you will to that of those who are at summer camp; people pair off, kiss, make out, and once they get back home from camp it just fizzles.

The boys were totally laid back, gave good eye contact and we had alot of fun as I even asked them for some advice for myself.  I had to rush to attend a couple TIFF soirees (humble brag,) but was pleased to find a text later that evening from the publicist inviting me back to join the boys in their booth.  I brought my friend Meghan along and it was such a sight to see.  As I poured the boys cocktails, bantered about the broads and made them do a funny moments photo shoot with me, I watched many a girls vying for their attention.  And I could totally see why.  When these boys are ready to settle down, they’ll be keepers.

– Jenny Jen


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