The role the past plays in your present

While doing one of those clean ups the best of us refer to as ‘spring cleaning,’ I happened to come across my old memory card from my phone.  Curious as to what sorts of images were on it, I removed my current one from my BlackBerry and replaced it with my old one.  On it: over two thousand images of photos taken throughout the past couple of years.  Most though, consisted of healthy, vegan meals I used to make on the daily for my ex and I.  I also noticed just how pint sized I was, something I hadn’t noticed at the time despite others remarks.

As I clicked through all the pictures I was reminded what once was.  How healthy I used to be.  How I’d try at least one new recipe a day for days and months on end.  It was in that moment, as I was observing my former self that I remembered how healthy minded I felt at this time.  This alone has acted as motivation since.

We often get so caught up in a way of being that we just go with the flow.  Dinners out with the girls, one drink that leads to one more than we really need before calling it a night.  Foregoing a yoga class or a workout to sit on a patio, sun on a shoulders, sangria in our freshly manicured hands.  And so the gym and that routine gets pushed aside and it’s ever-so-hard to get back into it the more time passes.

Sometimes it takes looking at our past so we can observe both how far we’ve come since then, but also so we can use the past to guide our present.  Since things tend to happen for a reason, I am certain that I was meant to come face-to-face with my former self to get back on the wagon, as they say.  Since then I have been eating home cooked vegetarian (and at times, vegan) meals and have hit the yoga mat at least once daily.  I’ll still indulge some nights, but realize just how good I feel when I live well.

We often say we’ll start tomorrow.  Start back at the gym, start crossing off things from our to-do list, start eating better, drinking more water, the works.  You’ve got to start somewhere.  Just go for it.  For we all know, the more healthy minded you are, the better mental place you’re in, the more likely you’ll attract a healthy mate.  Get on it, girls!

– Jenny Jen

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