Is it a sign?

You get an invite for a function and are immediately drawn to the location as that place of all places is the one you have a history at.  A history with him.  The him that, recently, came back into your life.  Of course.  Sigh.  Out of all the spots in the whole wide city, the location of this specific function (where your presence isn’t only beckoned, but is a must) is there.  ‘How bizarre,’ you think to yourself, tempted to contact him too about the irony of it all.

That place was the backdrop to the romance that was. Perhaps the hot spot where you two had your first date, over a glass or two of wine, over blushed looks across the table, over a shared knowingness that something more is there then you are both admitting to; – an electric chemistry that would be the beginning of a love affair to write home about. That spot might be where you both revisited (once becoming an item) for go-to celebratory days such as Valentine’s Day. And since you two split, you’ve chosen not to go back to the scene of the crime for obvious reasons.

Now that you’re invited back there, what does this mean?  Is it some sort of sign?  Is it meant to remind you of the good?  The sharing of dishes, the fluttery feeling in your stomach, the beginning signs of falling in love?  Is this a sign that you should reach out to him, now that you have an excuse, a reason – if you will – to contact him, reminding him too of these memories and feelings you’ve both likely pushed very far back (as we tend to do when moving on.)  Or is this a sign for you to be confronted by the then and the now and realize how far you’ve come since that first nerve-racking day you two dined at said locale, seemingly strangers in comparison to the history in the chapter of life you’ve written?  Or lastly, is it not a sign at all, but just a sheer coincidence?

Whether you believe in signs or not, that is a choice only you can make. I’m in the school of thought though that things happen for a reason, and everything that goes on has a purpose.  I don’t necessarily look for signs on a constant basis, but when something strikes me as an obvious one, a sign that puts a smile on my face, that helps lead me in some sort of direction that I wouldn’t have been lead to otherwise, I embrace it.  I am grateful for it.  Sometimes we all need a little direction.  Sometimes we all need a little hope.

– Jenny Jen

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