The risk of savouring

To catch a moment.  To be so happy to be in it.  To think ‘If only my 16-year-old self could see me now.’  The now being lying in bed next to one of the most handsomest men that you ever did see that, as you watch him sleep you can’t believe that you were lucky enough to land him.  The now being that you can admit to him – with a coy smile on your face – that you sort of kind of get a kick and a flutter in your stomach when you watch him sleep (and have the knowingness that he won’t run but would find that endearing.)  The now being observant of how far you’ve come.

We want to impress.  We want to be loved and love in return.  We want to find a happily ever after.  But sometimes the moment is so savoury.  Sometimes so savoury that we put up a blind eye to the sacrifices we might make to enjoy the taste of it all.

Are you getting what you want out of your relationship or whatever type of arrangement you have going on?  And if not, what can you do to change it?  I often say that we teach others how to treat us by what we are willing to put up with.  What types of behaviours are you accepting that you shouldn’t be?

We all deserve the very best.  Happiness.  A balance.  The works.  And we can have it so long as we hone into our adult selves and realize that it’s ok to speak up.  It’s ok to share our thoughts and feelings with our mates because – hate to break it to you – men don’t read minds.  So if you want or need some type of change, speak up.  Share yourself.  Sure it might put you in a vulnerable position but to me this sort of talk is much safer than pushing your feelings away, pretending that they don’t exist.

– Jenny Jen

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One thought on “The risk of savouring

  1. So true – you always have the smartest posts! While I’m a firm believe that nobody is ever perfect, I do believe that it’s possible to get what you want and need out of a relationship by addressing your concerns to your partner. When my boyfriend and I first got together he held a lot inside, it was his natural defense mechanism and as a result we had an explosive fight because he wasn’t letting me know what he needed in our relationship. Once he opened up and we started addressing these things, things got SO much better and we’ve been insanely happy ever since!

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