How to have it all

Happy girls are pretty girls.  Do that which makes you happy.  Do that which makes you glow.  Don’t bother with thoughts that are a disservice to you and be sure to compliment others good behaviours and actions as opposed to nagging about the bad.  Flirt with someone just because.  Hold the door open for the person behind you.  Let in the person who wants to cut you off during rush hour.  Do it because, well, why not?

Maybe if you stopped worrying and looking for issues, you wouldn’t push others away.  Maybe if you didn’t have a need for others to fill a void, you wouldn’t be putting yourself in a position to be disappointed; to question others intentions and actions and the like.  We attract what we put out, so you will naturally get back what you’re giving.

If you want to be with someone and make that decision, then be with them and don’t complain every time they fuck up.  And if you are getting annoyed constantly, then don’t be with them.  Whatever it is you do, own your decision and you will be forever grateful.

Don’t take every single decision as seriously as you do.  So what if you want to indulge in some PDA in public?  So what if you missed the gym one night or morn that you promised yourself you’d go?  Loosen up your buttons.  When you stop being so hard on your hot little self and others, everyone benefits.  We like to surround ourselves with those who make us comfortable, relaxed, happy and who make us feel good about ourselves.  Stop your tongue from basking in the bad, the condescending, the criticisms and the judgments and instead use it to share wisdoms, compliments, acknowledgement and appreciation.

We read about horrible events and freak accidents from all around the world.  We hear about those who have dealt with loss and never think it could happen to us.  It can.  It does.  And this is our life as we know it.  Live it for yourself.  Live it in a state of happiness and ease.  Many feel like that’s not a decision, focusing on to do lists and then destructing their own character when they don’t follow through with them.  Relax.  Breath.  Leave room to have alone time with yourself.  Most importantly, be playful.  It’s those who are light and that have a great balance that are the most admirable.

– Jenny Jen

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