A taste of someone new

Meeting someone new.  How refreshing.  We get so caught up in our ways of being, daily to-do’s and routines, that we are often motivated to try new things when we meet someone who catches our interest.  Perhaps we’ll ditch the gym one day.  Perhaps we’ll be enticed to try something new, such as a new bar or restaurant.  Perhaps we’ll be introduced to a whole new way of approaching situations.  Of being treated.

Many people get stuck in relationships that aren’t going anywhere, because they wrongly tell themselves that they won’t meet anyone new.  Or they confuse comfort and shared memories as a deep-rooted knowingness of one another, and stay, since it would take a long time to arrive there with someone new.  But why my little blonde, bronzed, twentysomething babe would you ever buy into your thoughts?  Why ever would you settle when you don’t even know what possibly else could be out there?

We often have ideas in our head of what our perfect guy would be like.  How he’d look, things he’d say, how he’d act, and yet, since we haven’t met someone who matches that, we assume it doesn’t exist, so we write off our wants.  This is where many a woman go wrong.  This is why I have a day job.  Because we struggle with the one we’re with, knowing full well a perfect match we do not make, but don’t put ourselves in a position to meet someone else.

Let me tell you this: meeting someone new and beginning a relationship is light and fun.  It keeps you on your toes and pushes you to make efforts, be attentive and to appreciate every little moment.  It may not lead to anything serious and it may not lead to happily ever after, but it will get you out of your funk. It will challenge your typical ways of being and introduce you to all sorts of new things (both in and out of the bedroom, too.)  The little things such as walking hand in hand for the first time, or taking your first picture together, or introducing him to your friends and family, all become major story lines to look forward to.  That fulfill and excite in one way or another.

To experience firsts, to perhaps have a new love affair.  To share your little quirky trademarks with, ones that will be admired and appreciated, as opposed to with a former flame who is used to how you are and how you do and expects it without the appreciation or excitement which once was.  Be open minded, let go of your past and embrace the new person who has come into your precious life.  You might be surprised at what could be if you just open up to the taste of someone new.

– Jenny Jen

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