Weak little boys

When a man puts down your successes, that is a clear sign he doesn’t feel good enough.  When he tells you he heard about something, that only makes you feel worse about yourself, this too is a sign that he is feeling inadequate.  In fact, it is safe to say that a guy who puts up walls and uses words as an attempt to put someone down, is a man who lacks his own sense of security; his own sense of happiness.

Done are the days where others words and judgments should bring us down to the sad level in which they habituate.  What a great way to see your stength and self growth when you are unfortunitely in the presence of this individual.

When you date a good guy, one who supports you and loves you and is your biggest fan, you learn just how one is meant to treat you; what you’re supposed to put up with and what you should avoid at all costs.  A man who respects you and cares about you down to the core, will innately do his best to protect you.  Protect you from words that may hurt.  To protect you from doubting yourself and your talents in any way.

If you have a man in your life – perhaps a boy you’re seeing – who attempts to make you not feel good enough, who calls you, your character or your work into question, run.  Don’t battle back.  Don’t defend.  See, that’s the beauty of being the great rock that you are.  You know well enough that this boy who doesn’t know any better isn’t worth yet a second more of your in-demand and precious time.

Peace out, yo.

– Jenny Jen

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