Men worth keeping

He does something or maybe he just simply says something.  And it catches you off guard because no one has ever said that to you before and you realize it’s exactly what you needed to hear.  And so – you think to yourself – he might worth be investing a little something in.  He might just be a keeper.

The thing about our twentysomethings, is that it is said to be the time that we learn our lessons.  So when you meet someone who can challenge you, someone who can make you question yourself and your habitual actions up until now, he might just be exactly what you need to grow.

Intuition is a gift we all have, but one that is so easy to avoid (thank you alcohol and the heart and the…well, we won’t go there.)  But when we avoid, we don’t learn.  We don’t grow.  We stay put.  If you’re single, this means that up until this point something hasn’t been working; something hasn’t gone right with past relationships.  We are the one thing we have in common with the ghosts of boyfriends past and so we need to make another move.  We need to change our patterns to get an end result worth while.

Only twice have I ever been blindsided by two different men who really called it for what it was, in such an innate and pure way.  Not only did their words and ways of being and reading a situation hit the nail on the head, but it allowed me to see something new.  It allowed me to be aware of a common way of being.  So it’s to those men that I am so very grateful for.  Though they will never know the effect of a simple action or some words utter, it has drastically benefited me.

Men who shock you, who can read you, who can call a situation and actually communicate it, are the ones who you should hold on too.  The ones who have that extra je ne sais quoi that distinguishes them against the others.  It might be holding you before you crash.  It might be picking you up and reassuring you til no end after a fight, telling you they love you and kissing you non-stop, even though you might be in the wrong.  Realize what you have when you have it and worry less about what they are lacking.

– Jenny Jen

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