Give yourself a break

We do.  We act.  We analyze our actions.  We regret.

We are beings who are always judging, especially ourselves.  We are labeling our actions and words and decisions as good, as bad, as ugly.  We then feel either proud or ashamed or guilty and the days go on with us labeling everything and feeling accordingly.   Sounds exhausting, non?

Can’t we accept that the way the world works is through balance?  Through highs and lows; good and bad, better or worse?

It’s really rather a gift to catch yourself one morning going over the night prior (or at least that which you can remember.)  Your thoughts might look something like: I drank too much/I was embarrassing/I shouldn’t have given out my number/I shouldn’t have given out myself.  But no matter what they are, these seemingly innocent thoughts are anything but.  They are not only destructive, but they keep you in a very structured and regimented sense of self.  If you see yourself as a “good girl,” and your actions don’t follow suit one day, you then likely feel off center and try to put pieces together to understand why you weren’t that one time.

We have these concepts and ideas about our own character and when we act outside of that, we should just accept it for what it is instead of putting on so much pressure on ourselves to explain it.  Things become character traits when done over and over again.  Stop being so hard on yourself.  On the idea of yourself.  The more you let go of this tendency, this need, you will live a more freeing life.  Promise, pretty.  Soak up the random experiences.  Live a little.

– Jenny Jen

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