Meeting friends online

You get followed by someone on Twitter, so you either check them out to see who they are (and what they might want from you,) or perhaps you are unaffected by this new follow if you tend to get new followers day in and day out.  But when someone is constantly replying to your Tweets and RTing them, their name will – sooner or later – pique your interest.  You’ll then check them out and who knows, might find them really rather humorous.  You then might follow them back.  You then might engage in conversation.  And furthermore, you then might end up DMing, making plans and then – all goes well – you then might have found your self a new-found-friend.

This day in age, when someone asks how you met one of your closest confidants, it’s no longer a shock to say you met online.  Whether you met via Twitter, Facebook or through one anothers’ blog, it’s completely normal and typical to meet someone online.  Because let’s face it blondie, you are online this very second.  You are reading this blog, making you therefore active in the online lifestyle.  We kill time, we procrastinate, the works on Twitter, Facebook, on sites and on blogs.  And we might find something someone says worth while.  Following peoples life stories, or at least how they choose to represent themselves anyways, is just why celebrities are celebrities.  It offers a sense of entertainment, comfort, comradery.

I did a talk in Toronto for Social Media Week back in February, on how relationships have changed due to social media.  The fact is, being an active part of an online community allows you to meet and mingle with those whose paths you would likely never cross in your busy day-to-day life.  Interacting online, reading others streams of thoughts and engaging in conversations with one another over time, allows you to build that trust and life understanding of who this person is, what they like, what they do, and not only allows you to grow as friends online first, but makes that initial in-person meeting easy, comfortable.  Chances are you have developed full-fledged friendships with girls you once pre-judged before getting to know who they really are.  Chances are you have developed friendships with blasts from the pasts who you may have once written off for being an ass hole before really getting to know them.  Chances are you have made a plethora of new-found-friends through just being you and being appreciated by your quirkyness.

There once was a time where people thought that you can’t make new friends once you’ve hit your later twentysomethings.  That is not the case.  How simple it is to now engage with others, as awkward as it is to admit you actually met over Twitter or Facebook, especially if the situation turns romantic.  But this is life how we know it.  We can slowly but surely take our time over hours, days, weeks, months bantering back and forth before you actually meet up in person.  How lucky we are to have these tools at our disposal.  How comforting it is to meet those, later in life, who compliment us in ways we never thought possible.  Feel free to send a friend request, a follow, a message to someone just because.  You might be surprised at what can come.

– Jenny Jen

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2 thoughts on “Meeting friends online

  1. Internet ‘dating’ is definitely more than what it used to be! I met one of my very good friends online – she was actually a reader of the blog. You just gotta cross your fingers they’re not a weirdo (they usually aren’t 🙂 ), and go for it.

  2. Without a doubt, this interconnected world is a beautiful thing. I encourage and anticipate meeting new and beautiful people every single day. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, you name it, it’s all a giant social network, waiting to say “hello, and good morning.”

    Hello Jen. 🙂 Interesting observations in your article. As an ‘on air’ personality, it’s nice to hear that you also respect the interwebs for providing real, genuine people to engage and learn from, and also to grow with.

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