Confessions of a brazilian waxer: What they wish you knew before you go for an appointment

Grooming is a part of living the twentysomething lifestyle.  We not only want to look good for our partner, but we also want to maintain ourselves down there (and everywhere,) which in turn makes us feel more confident about our appearance.

We’ve all done the pre-date “just in case” emergency wax at the random nail salon because nothing else is open, and we write off the lack of cleanliness and the abrupt visit due to desperateness.  Which is why I was relieved to find out about Waxon Waxbar, Canada’s first premier Waxbar concept, which opened today in yours and my favourite area, Rosedale, open seven days a week until 8: 00pm.  I walked into the sunny setting to meet the equally sunny CEO Lexi Miles and though I was tempted to use my time with her to focus on what the “latest” waxing trend is (The Braziliant is front center on their “bar menu,”) I decided to find out what we all really want to know: what is the waxing lady thinking when we bare it all while she does the same? (mind the pun.)  The result?  A list of 5 things your waxer wished you knew before you head to a trip to Brazil.  Listen up, ladies.

  1. Freshen up: Before you head over to your wax place, take a shower and put on a fresh pair of panties, especially if you are coming from a 12 hour day.  No time to go home before your appointment?  Prep by carrying wipes on you and going to the washroom when you get to the wax place to freshen up prior to your appointment.
  2. Cut it out:  Has it been sometime since you’ve gotten waxed?  If you would describe yourself in beast-like or caveman-like territory, do both yourself and the waxer a favour by trimming before your appointment.  According to Miles, you only need ¼ of an inch to wax.  The longer the hair, the more it will hurt you.
  3. Quit apologizing:  “No one looks as bad as they actually think,” says Waxon Waxbar’s manager. She expresses that so many people apologize for appearance, how far they’ve let their hair grow out, etc.  Apologizing is unnecessary and makes things more awkward to them, because it makes them spend the whole session reassuring you.  Keep in mind that they do this day in and day out.  They are concentrated on doing their job, which is getting all your hairs.
  4. Suck it up: Pain is inevitable when waxing such a sensitive area, you think we’d learn by now to prep ourselves to make the appointment as somewhat as smooth sailing as possible.  So how can you help take the inevitable pain away without drinking a few back before your appointment?  They suggest taking an Advil a half hour before the appointment, trimming long hairs (as mentioned above,) and also suggest donning a pair of BareEase & Cream which is a garment-based numbing cream system to be used and put on before your appointment to numb the area (item is sold exclusively at Waxon Waxbar.)
  5. When auntie flow is in town: Contrary to popular belief, waxers don’t mind if you come to an appointment when on your period.  You might be running off for vacation next day, so they are willing to accommodate the service you’re requesting.  Just remember to wear a tampon and to tuck the string in before you go into the waxing room.  There are few things more awkward then a waxer ripping off a strip only to pull out your tampon.

Safe travels my to-be-groomed friends.

– Jenny Jen

Photo credit: Source.


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