Because you can

If you’re single and you know it after years of being tied down, a sense of freedom ingests through your pores, down to your bones, into your heart, your mind, your eyes.  A weight off your shoulders; a realization that you are in control of yourself, your decisions, your choices, your actions, the affects, the aftermath, without anyone else being affected; without anyone else being harmed.

To be free is to soak up life.  To be free is to do as you want, when you want.  To have ownership over your own life choices.  To fly out of a cage that many of us find ourselves in, not knowing we were in it until we spread our wings and fly through the open sky.

To say no, because you can.  To say yes, because you can.  To feel guilt free.  To be authentic in all that you say and do.  We often give the weight of our decisions to others without even knowing it.  We hold back on opportunities and situations keeping another at the forefront of our minds eye; a way one shouldn’t be.  To be considerate and to be ridden with guilt are two separate entities, though a fine line lies between.  To be a good person, is to be conscious of your choices and actions and to own them, but to be strong enough to do so purely, without worry of judgment from others.

When one is honest and open, they radiate a contagious energy on top of saving themselves from trouble, gossip, drama and the like.  Live the life that you want to leave.  Let freedom and a sense of presence and being soak through you.  Take the metaphorical weight off your shoulders, simply because you can.

– Jenny Jen

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One thought on “Because you can

  1. Jen, you’re an excellent writer! I read this post first, and then had to continue to the next, and the next, and the next…. Your blog is like a really good book you just can’t put down!

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