Text, Facebook, Tweet, Complete

To switch from text to Facebook message means you want to ensure he gets your message.  Means you want the semi-psychotic knowingness that no, his cell didn’t go missing, no he isn’t out of cell range, no his cell didn’t get stolen and so he has no access to his texts or numbers to get a hold of your pretty little self.  The good ‘ol Facebook message is a go-to for us as a last attempt.  A last hurrah.  A last voyage from fantasy land back to black-and-white reality.  Because a Facebook message comes with a certainty that it will be picked up (especially when they have a whole lotta recent online activity.)

The thing with sending a Facebook private message is – not only does it go to the person’s inbox, which may I note, can be accessed on any computer, but – it also likely goes directly to their telephone, oh and their email too.  One way or another, boy is getting notified and you can’t pretend that he just hasn’t been on Facebook or looked at a phone or an email, especially if he has updated his status or been active on Facebook since your message has been sent.

Sure, sometimes messages pile up.  Sure you may get a message on your phone, only to be interrupted by life and not have the chance to write back and may even forget, but that message still sits in your inbox.  That same inbox that is your cell, your Facebook, your email, as aforementioned.

Whereas a text is more personable.  More direct.   More me to you with no chance (one hopes) of another seeing, text is just the younger sister to the big brother that is Facebook private message.  Though not as stark, cold and businesslike as email, it gives you more words to use.  It gives you the chance to say what you will.

If you’ve texted a guy of your fancy and he hasn’t been the kind soul that you thought he once was in messaging you back, then I permit you to fall back upon the Facebook message.  But just one so make sure you say what you need to/want to.  No one likes mass messages, especially ones that show you clearly aren’t taking the hint.  If he doesn’t have the decency to write back, consider yourself lucky.  You learned more about him by his lack of response then you would have hanging around him.  Blessing in disguise, blondie.

– Jenny Jen

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