Wayback Playback

You run into one who you once were caught up with.  Officially titled an ex, and with reason, no doubt.  But upon run-ins of these sorts, if you are not quickly dodging them to avoid the inevitable exchange of “Hey, how are you’s?” and “Doing well thanks’s,” you often forget what that reason (or reasons) were.

How easy it is to get caught up in a moment with one who you spent so many monumental moments with.  How easy it is to put up a guard and hide behind borderline-scripted and all so superficial lines, when you very well know that this person knows you like none other.  That they can read your mind before you even think to speak.  That they’ve seen you in every which way: sad, happy, face up, face down.  How wild it is that we give our bodies, our hearts, our love, ourselves, to another yet manage to survive losing them over time.  Manage to come out a greater version of ourselves as we know it.

Us humans hold such great power within us.  A power to accept.  A power to let go.  A power to survive.  But so it is when dealt cards that didn’t play in our favour.  What other choice do we have but to keep on keeping on; to let time play it’s part.  Never does one realize how much they’ve truly grown, how much they’ve truly moved forward, until they look back to the past.  Until they revisit the idea of the feelings once felt, as they are likely overcome with confusion and memorization that their feelings were as wrapped up and intense as they were.  That those feelings are no longer there whatsoever.  That this person whose life they entwined with their own is but a distant stranger, another name to add to the list, another lesson learned.  To go through a breakup is to grow.  You have the luxury of observing your raw self.

Instead of turning the corner, putting your head down, and dodging what you might assume is a bullet next time you run into a former flame, approach it head on.  For even the way you navigate that discussion alone will be a great teacher.  And after all, what is life if there is no growth?  If we hide from the discomfort that might be?  If we don’t allow ourselves to feel.

Play it back.  Play it forward.  Live.

– Jenny Jen

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