Slumber parties

Slumber parties.  The bane of my existence. But only recently has this become a past-time that I’ve chosen to revisit. There is something so fun, so playful about a slumber party. The knowingness that the night has been going so well that you don’t want it to end. The knowingness that you lack the self control to not indulge in late night food, so why not indulge with another? The opportunity to pour yet another drink (as if you haven’t had enough already,) unwind, and reminisce on the night perfectly pinpointing the highs, the lows, the good outfits and the awkward run-ins.

Some sleepovers are pre-planned. Some happen naturally. Some happen out of convenience, if one of you live at the total end of the city and would rather forego the to be expected expensive cab ride, and the other offers their abode to you, the sweet little lady that they are. But all come with their own tales; their own quirks. My slumber party requirements are: the right side of the bed, a glass of water next to it, a BlackBerry charger and early mornings. We all seem to have our own wants and needs when crashing at anothers home. Some require their own toothbrush or come with one pre-packed as a “just in case.” Some hosts are only willing to give up their couch, and want not to be woken up come morning.

The slumber party is the perfect way to re-create the fun and the innocence that was our pre-twentysomething days. It also acts as a killer safeguard from ending up at someone’s house late night that you likely shouldn’t. The great thing about great friends is that they don’t let you reach for your phone at the end of the night. They get you that extra shot if the eve didn’t go according to plan, and they have you there to do just the same for them.

Next time you and your bestie are hailing two separate cabs at the end of a girls night out, perhaps entertain the idea of an impromptu slumber party. Just make sure to actually get your beauty sleep. Us working ladies need it these days.

– Jenny Jen

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