In The Moment vs. For The Moment

“Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. Sunshine almost always makes me high.” – Dave Matthews

I just got back from Jamaica. I treated myself to a yoga retreat. It was as simple as finding out about it, having that knowingness that this was just exactly what I needed and booked it almost immediately. The details of the trip didn’t matter. Nor did the location, other than the fact that there would be sun kissing me throughout the week. Nor the fact that I’ve decided for the first time ever to travel on my lonesome. I just did it. Just like that.

Before my departure – and leading up to it of course – friends asked if I was nervous. My response was always the same with that natural smile on my bronzed (now more bronzed) face: “I’m excited.” I had no expectations for my trip. No concerns about where I was staying, how much yoga I’d be doing, what I was hoping to get out of it, what to pack, if there would be wifi and the usual concerns one has before taking of the country on an adventure of sorts.

The funny thing with having no expectations, is you are constantly, pleasantly surprised. A sense of ease poured over me from the second I was dropped off at the airport. What a lesson this serves for those of us who waste our energy by worrying, wondering and assuming. They say that those who practice yoga on a regular basis have a better framework in which to go about daily struggles, issues and problems. Yoga focuses on the flow of the breath. On being in the now. On nothing more than the inhale and the exhale. The lesson is that we are lucky, fortunate little blondies so long as we have breath in us. That us yogis are more likely to let things pass by, since we know change is a constant.

Perhaps I have yoga to thank for my mindframe over the past week because for the first time ever I was able to appreciate the moment while in the moment. I wasn’t anticipating what was to come next, I wasn’t wishing I was anywhere else with anyone else doing something else. Instead I felt the sunshine heating up my shoulders. I flowed through poses with ease. I read, and ate and did whatever I felt, realizing how lucky I was to be doing just that in the moment. For me, it seemed as though I was away for about a month because I truly valued each and every second there. I was in my nirvana in the most euphoric state imaginable.

People who live in the moment are far more successful than those who live for the moment. To live in it is to appreciate it for what it is. To be comfortable, to be happy, to be free.

– Jenny Jen

Photo: Property of Blonde, Bronzed, Twentysomething.

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