Bromance For Her

You get asked out. You feel flattered. You wonder what to wear for the venue of choice; for the person who you’re going with. You wonder whether you should even consider indulging more than two drinks (and pre-arranging transportation accordingly.) You tell a friend about the upcoming plans to get their thoughts on both the person you’re about to meet up with, and of the situation as a whole. You hope they don’t lean in for a kiss – in fact you pray they don’t- and you hope they have the same attentions as you. And as the night comes and you pull up, you switch your phone on silent and walk in to see a smiling face waiting for you at the waiting area/bar/table.

Welcome to the new bromance: for her. In our latter twentysomethings it’s typical for most of us to have a solid group of go-to friends. Either that or we lost em all when we got hot and heavy with our man, so it is in this age bracket that we often venture out and meet new friends. Fresh faces. Women who are more likeminded. Who don’t go as far back and who see us in a different like. The story goes similar to the script of I Love You, Man, a movie in which Paul Rudd and Jason Segel star. This film is a favourite of mine. It epitomizes the stages of getting to know someone new with similarities to how one begins dating.

Lately I’ve been asked out by a handful of women. Great, fun, beautiful women with similar interests, who frequent the same haunts as I, who run in the same sorts of circles. In the past month I’ve been on more bromance-for-her dates than I care to admit. Picture: cheese plate after glass of kir royale after splitting a dessert (and another kir royale) later. Some lady dates have gone so well friendshiply that we don’t even end the date without making plans for the next one. Some end so poorly that you hope they found the connection just as off-putting so you don’t have to come up with an excuse not to see her again. These little get togethers are exciting and somewhat similar to blind dates. You hope they know you’re just looking for friendship and not love. You hope it can be a smooth encounter as opposed to one induced by silences and reaching for your glass.

After a bromance-for-her date you might start texting or Facebooking or using a form of communication as your choice, with the hope that your messages will go returned, that they feel the same way.

These dates are refreshing. At a time when we are so settled with work and a daily routine, it’s nice to bring something new into the mix. Someone new. If things don’t work out, at least you connected with someone new; at least you expanded your network. If things do work out then you profit a great friend. Be open to expanding your circle and you might be grateful for what you find and what they add to your lovely little life, lady!

– Jenny Jen

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