Keeping The Dream Alive

You wake up in your plush white bed, ever-so-sweaty, deeply distorted and can’t help but raise your eye-brows up in a puzzled reaction (with the accompanied frown on your face) as you realize it was only a dream; that those lovely, blissful feelings weren’t actually granted to you…at least not yet.  And as you lie there saddened, trying to recollect that in which you dreamed, you can’t help but wish you were still asleep just to feel those feelings.  Just to take them in.

Ever wake up from one of those dreams?  You know the type: when you and a certain gent of your fancy are an item.  A sexy, loving, force-to-be-reckoned with item.  Perhaps this gent is someone you’ve longed for, perhaps he’s someone you once had a *thing with (*thing = random make outs each and every bar you went to in your early twentysomethings), perhaps he’s a friend of yours who you never even thought of crossing the line with, or perhaps he’s a celeb/hockey player/rockstar type.  But no matter who he is and what he means to you, his cameo more so often than not, comes alongside a sense of longing for this being.  And then my blonde, bronzed, beauty, you’re screwed.

To crush is to want is to pursue.  With pursuing comes the chance of rejection.  For all you know the guy could be having dreams of another lady, perhaps he just might not have any interest in you (is that even possible?!)  But the power of our thoughts – we know all too well – can overrule our heart.  It’s as if – to feel what we did in our dream – we make it our priority to create it into a reality.  So now that you’ve had this dream of the romantic sorts, now that your psyche has been hit with cupids heart shaped arrow, what are you to do?  Do you share your naughty little midnight rendez-vous with the male lead (if he’s someone you’re acquainted with)?  Do you investigate and analyze what he was doing there in the first place?  Do you let it go and move on your single, unaffected self?  How do we share our thoughts and feelings without freaking him out/coming on too strong/having to deal with rejection?  Just like that.

Men love to hear that they have a presence in your psyche.  It’s sexual (even if it isn’t).  It’s flattering (even if he was being a total dick in the dream).  And no matter what the dream was about, that one-liner of ‘You were in my dream last night,’ leaves lots to his imagination.

I am one who believes in things.  I believe in signs.  I believe in horoscopes.  I believe in the idea that everything that happens to us in one way or another, is truly meant to be; is truly what we need to be whole, complete beings.  So with that said, I believe dreams can be the culprit of something really rather special.  If you dream of a friend in a romantic way, it can open up your comfort levels with moving to the next step with this friend.  If you dream of a one-time crush who you never investigated anything beyond that with, it can lead you to start opening the doors of communication, figuring out why nothing ever happened (and perhaps if it ever can?)   Let your dreams guide you.  Perhaps you’ll be presented with something you didn’t know you needed, that you can’t imagine now never living without until you get it.

Now brush up that bed head and instead of beckoning bedtime to fall upon you again just to get back to that sweetspot, make it a reality; keep the dream alive.

– Jenny Jen

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