Your Best Self

I eventually learned that to give is to get.  That we get back what we put out.  That – when we are in a good place – we can use that good to bring it out in others.  At the end of my yoga practice yesterday, my teacher read the class a quote that went something along the lines of not to get down when we smile at someone, and they don’t smile back at us, because it is those that don’t smile back that usually need it the most.  The teachers quote resonated with me, and I couldn’t help but feel somewhat sad for those who can’t seem to be comfortable in their own skin; who need to hide behind armours (which are just a fancy way of trying to keep ones inner self safe.)  It must be a sad life of the sorts to not able to look at the good in others.  To not be able to let go of past hurts.  To see others as a threat.  Instead, how lovely it would be, if we all shared just how proud we are of someone with them, without being vulnerable ourselves.  How lovely it would be if we were our most generous and complimentary selves, without being stingy with our hearts, our words, our ability to give.

When sharing postive energy, generousity and pleasantries with others, we allow ourselves to grow.  We allow ourselves to do with no expectations, which (might I add)  is the core ingredient in the recipe that is avoiding dissapointment.  When we pay compliments to others, when we help celebrate milestones, when we take the time to smile at someone, hold the door open for them, listen instead of advise, just say hello or even remember little things that mean alot to them, we ourselves bring out a happiness in someone else.  That happiness often gets reflected back unto us.  When we give without intention, it makes our actions and words pure, but there must be balance in everything, so it goes. Boundaries form healthiness in all relationships. Because you can only give so much.  Because as pure as your actions might be, you shouldn’t be in continuous situations which are one-sided.

Pay attention to your generousity.  Is it appreciated?  Is it recipricated?  Are you being too gracious?  Know when your efforts aren’t being met back with any response, and know when to hold back going all out for someone who isn’t willing to naturally do the same.

– Jenny Jen

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