His Side, Her Side: Tales From The Bedroom

Your first sleepover is always a monumental moment when dating someone new.  Perhaps it comes early in the relationship, or perhaps it’s something that you’ve been waiting for for quite sometime.  Either way, as you both head to the bedroom for actual sleep, you find out if you two mesh.  This is the tell-tale moment where you find out if you can get your side of the bed.

Some men are so happy to finally have a blonde, bronzed, broad in their beds that they may just be ever-so-careless about having a set side, letting you crash wherever you very well please.  Others are a little trickier and may playfully put up a fight about which side is theirs, giving you no option but to comply.  How you both navigate this choosing and assigning of said sides will be really rather telling of how you will deal with issues altogether.

You may want to seem easy going, so you don’t speak up when he parks his body on your go-to right side of the bed, but to this I encourage you to tell him that it’s your side if you are set in your ways and perhaps make a compromise: when you sleep at his place, he gets his side and when you sleep at yours, you get your side.  At the beginning of new relationships, we set a tone to how we want to be treated, and we also create new habits and patterns.  It’s important to speak up and talk about things (even something as minor as his side/her side) so you can practice navigating as a couple.  Find something that works for the two of you – and if you’re lucky – he’ll want the other side anyways.  Sounds like two peas in a pod to me!  Sweet dreams, sleeping beauty.

– Jenny Jen

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