We See What We Reflect

So you’re having a down day, and you hear someone laughing. On a not down day, you wouldn’t think much of it, hey, you might even smile at the idea of someone else’s joy. But on an off day, you interpret their laughter at being directed towards you and as a result, you feel even worse off. What you don’t notice is that their laughter likely has nothing to do with you, let alone is it directed at you, but we get so wrapped up in our thoughts and our state of being, that we don’t see this. Our insecurities blind us to truths, not only in this situation, but in many.

Isn’t it wild how we have a way of making everything about us? You don’t hear back from a friend or a sibling who you’ve been trying to reach out to all week, and when you finally approach the situation and ask them why they are ignoring you, they respond by saying that they had no idea you’ve called x amount of times and ‘Why didn’t you leave a message?’ And there you have it, a week of emotional worry drawn out for nothing. We make assumptions (that they use caller ID as incessantly as us), and then take it personally when we don’t hear back. In fact, we make assumptions about many things (namely others behaviour – or lack thereof) and then take it like a wound to the ego. All for what? Doing this taints your relationship with both yourself and with others.

Let go of the need to take everything to heart. This need to suffer. People aren’t out there to get you, because let’s face it, they’re more busy worrying about themselves. When your having a bad day and your instincts are to take it out on your partner, or blow up at him when triggered by something he said or did, take a moment to stop yourself and look at whether or not you’re making assumptions. Be aware of what your current state of mind is creating.

– Jenny Jen

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