How To Take Care Of Your Wants

How my blog began was with someone pushing me to access my resources. At the time, about three or so years ago, I had no idea what that meant. All I knew was that I had a passion for the written word, and over the years have had collected (and filled) over forty notebooks, with words that danced in my head. ‘So how can I use my resources to share my passion with others?’ I wondered. And starting this blog was my answer. It would offer me an outlet to share my tales of the heart, this time with the opportunity to get reactions, responses and to help others in return. Blogging helped shape my writing even more and my mind became the open book to which you read. The fact is many of us have a whole lot of wants, but we don’t know what to do with wanting, so we often stay put doing nothing about it.

We then lean on others to fill wants that we most certainly could fill ourselves. The thing is, when we want something and then look to others to fill it, we only create room for disappointment if they don’t follow through. It also puts the power in other peoples hands, as opposed to us taking control of our own lives. Since I don’t want my life to pass me by as I hope and wait for others to fulfill these things, so I decided to take my wants seriously and do something about them.

For that I have my blog, and now a whole bunch of other things I’ve always wanted. That’s how my love affair with cooking and baking came into play. An ex of mine would always cook us dinner and prepare my lunches for me for work. Totally cute, yes. Kinda endearing, absolutely. But when we broke up I likely spent a month camping out at restaurants, clueless as how to take care of my own foodie fantasies. So, once my wallet was emptied out and my stomach was full for all the wrong reasons, I decided to get a few girlfriends together and we enrolled in a cooking class. That was a couple years ago and since then I must say I’m proficient in the kitchen. I now know how to fill my body with nutritious and delicious food and baked goods, and I’ve found a passion that makes me feel whole. I not only get the benefits of cooking for myself daily, but I get to cooked for loved ones, friends and host dinner parties all in the same where I can share the fruits of my labour.

What I’ve learned by taking care of my wants is that when I can take care of myself everything else is a bonus. If I want something, I go ahead and get it, as opposed to sitting around and waiting for someone else to do it for me or with me. I decided today to have an impromptu thanksgiving dinner, but my family is all out of town. So I got the turkey and all the fixins, a bottle of merlot, and arranged to have dinner with one of my closest cousins over Skype. Though she’s in LA, she sat down with me at the dinner table and gave me that Thanksgiving dinner I always wanted. See I could’ve just gotten together with friends, or could’ve let go of my want for a Thanksgiving home cooked meal, since no one else was in town, but I knew taking care of myself comes first. And so, to french jazz music and my cousins company, I had one of the most lovely, meaningful meals I’ve had in a longtime.

Don’t shy away from your wants. To finish that book, to try a new restaurant, to learn to be the best baker in the whole damn city, to try a new exercise class. All you need is yourself, and the open mindedness of accessing your resources.

– Jenny Jen



One thought on “How To Take Care Of Your Wants

  1. Good post! I think that sadly it becomes commonplace for people in relationships to put the other person first and forget about their own wants. That's why having your own hobbies outside of your relationship is paramount, so there is no need to rely on another human being for your own entertainment. Sadly, that is something that some people learn when they find themselves single, but luckily, it's a positive lesson to bring with you into your next adventure. Thanks again!

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