Reading Through The Lines (and signs!)

Every word written. Every word uttered. Every single sentence strings through your subconscious as you try to determine why he *said this, why he said that, what it means and what you can do with this interpreted information (*feel free to interchange the word ‘said’ to ‘wrote’ you little texter/Facebook chat abuser you).

As a writer, I am very well aware that each word written I select has been selected with purpose; has unmistaken meaning to it. I choose words wisely, wary of how they might go interpreted, though fully aware of the easy-to-find double entendre’s, puns or references, should someone be looking for them. Which is why, I don’t dare give others the benefit of the doubt in doing the same. Therefore, the word choice of others is done with a specific purpose, if only I can read through the lines. They say things are right in-front of our very eyes, though little do we realize it. So how does one blonde figure out whether or not she’s making the proper analysis? How do we take off the blinders and see what is sitting in front of us?

By being realistic. By being attentive. By not making excuses and talking ourselves out of the obvious, because it just might be too good to be true. We often counter our own arguments that work in our favour, because we don’t want to be too hopeful. Hello, self protection. ‘No’, we think, ‘There’s no way he could be interested in me’ though he is showing you and telling you he in fact is. If only you could be that bold, bronzed, babe that you are and acknowledge it by being blunt.

Saying what we want and feel in a glass served straight up, isn’t a drink many of us care to down. So we play coy, and kinda conspicuous, leaving the meaning to which we want to project be open for unadulterated interpretation. Look closer. Pay mind to what could be on anothers’ mind. Sometimes things are so obvious, that we think nothing would be this obvious, so it can’t be. But it sure as hell can, kiddo. Don’t write anything off as confusion, or being hopeful and take everything for what it is. A sign. Right in-front of your very eyes that read on this very screen at this very second.

– Jenny Jen

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