Biting The Bullet

You sit, stomach all up in knots as you wait for the moment you have the courage to say it, to do it, or to just press send. And then, finally, when you think you’re ready (or just can’t handle the anticipation anymore) you do it. This is comparable (for those of you that have been bungee jumping or skydiving) to that moment that you just jump. Nothing is the same again. A weight off your shoulders. A sense of relief pours over you, as does the thought ‘that was easier than I thought.’

But to get to that jumping point, to bite the proverbial bullet, takes much energy. Much thought. Much worrying and wondering and anticipating and agonizing as you get caught up in the idea of what it must be like to take said action. Whether it’s initiating plans with a boy of our fancy, telling our boss that our assignment won’t make it in on time, telling our parents we won’t be able to make Thanksgiving dinner, or actually having The Talk about what we are and where we stand, whatever the case, we just need to bite the bullet and get it done. Stat.

When you wait to take action, you become a victim of your mind. Your imagination. Worry takes over whatever sanity you once had. You become the writer of your own life story, your imagination creating potential story lines of what might happen (ie: what response you might receive) after you act. With each new sentence and conversation you create, comes more of that cringe inducing fear, furthering you from just gettin’ ‘er done. We often hold ourselves back, though we know time and time again, the ‘idea of’ is always worse than is. When you imagine the worst in your head (usually expecting feelings of rejection, disappointment, shame and judgment to prevail) then it’s as if you’ve already lived out the worst case scenario. Since we know our thoughts cause our feelings, by doing this, we go through all the negative emotions before they even play out. Sounds like a lot of energy and pain to go through based on non-truths, non? How ever will you be able to handle whatever reaction comes from others if you’ve already sick over it?

Just pull the trigger. Stop making excuses as to why you can’t say, or do, or send and just do it. The only person you’re harming by holding off is yourself. Oh, and keep busy as hell while you wait for a response. Seriously, same as above. Not healthy to wait, wonder and write the worst in your minds novel.

– Jenny Jen

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