New Beginnings

The start of a new month. The start of a new (Jewish) year. The start of a new journey.

I woke up this morning and smiled down at my phone when I saw the date: October 1st. I – like many of us – am someone who is ridiculously date-driven. I use dates as motivators, the 1st of the month being one to elicit a fresh start. Now being motivated is all well and good, but what’s better is when one takes action. September was a great month, the busiest in my writing career. This month alone, I landed the opportunity to contribute relationship articles to a handful of publications that I am so proud to be a part of, including: ELLE Canada, Canadian Living, Sympatico and SliceTV. But with the busyness that was September, not to mention a week long trip to the Caribbean, the things that truly make me whole seemed to no longer get my undivided. Instead, my lust for flirting with new recipes in the kitchen, hitting the mat to get my yoga on and all my other daily habits went untended.

This month my agenda is to engage in a love affair with the things that keep me keeping on:

– practice yoga five times a week
– try two new, healthy recipes a day
– read my book club book each day instead of rushing to get it in the night before (aka: day of)
– host a Thanksgiving dinner party for my closest friends
– blog daily
– add a cooking/baking/recipe section to my blog (like I’ve been saying I’ve wanted to do for a while now)

I am my utmost happiest when I am living well and taking care of myself. So long lavish three course dinners at restaurants night after night, au revoir eating unsatisfying, fuel-less foods a quirky cafes in which I write and hello preparing new, challenging meals (and treats) for myself and those I love (who might love me even more for using them as my guinea pigs to taste test my recipes).

At the end of the day, whether or not you possess the things you’ve always wanted, you will never truly be happy until you can feed yourself. Unless you can take time to be one-on-one with yourself, not lost in the distraction that is work, and work events and heading out with friends. I’m so excited for this journey. And I know if maybe I don’t get in my five classes a week, that that’s ok too. And maybe if I miss a blog post here and there because – either something came up – or I just didn’t get to it that day that that too is ok. But my hope is that this motivating feeling, which comes from a healthy place, will be one that will help me reconnect with myself. I look forward to sharing my recipes with you and hope I have somehow inspired you to hone in on what it is that you’re missing in your life, so that you can take action and inject life back into your stream. With living well comes attracting others and helping them too become the best they can be.

– Jenny Jen


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