Make It A Date

With the long weekend looming, we are free to allow ourselves to get lost in our daydreams today as we look forward to what’s to come: four work-free days to relax, unwind and to play out our long-weekend plans. A long weekend is a time we all look forward to. ‘Looking forward to’ allows us to anticipate a set of plans. It allows our week and days leading up to it to go by faster, because we know come weekend, all our hard work will pay off. Looking forward to something allows us to get excited. To plan out hair styles and outfits and even the colour we want for our mani/pedi weekly combo. When we look forward to something we know we won’t be left high and dry, peering out the window on a fun summers’ night because bitch has got a plan!

Men on the other hand are often known for not wanting to plan in advance (aka: wanting to leave their options open). Making a plan to them is tying them down to something, and there is a suffocating like fear that they will be held to that plan, locking them in. What if they are tired come Friday night and want to stay in? The idea that you might hold them accountable to their word, makes them not want to give it in the first place. So, the thing with making advanced plans is to not be so wound up that if something comes up, you aren’t able to be accommodating (read: on occasion, not if his bailing becomes the norm).

It means planning a special date night for just the two of you to enjoy together, without the stressor of work in the morning to cut it short. If you start the long weekend off with a date night, you assure yourself that you at least got some special time in, despite what happens the rest of the weekend.

But remember: the guy who is willing to commit to plans in advance with you, who makes and plans dates and surprises you, who see’s you more than once on a long weekend and who includes you in his other plans with friends and family, is the one who cares about you and wants to include you in his life. If you see signs of him putting off plans, lack of interest and often falling through on plans, perhaps it is time to reevaluate the balance of your relationship.

– Jenny Jen

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One thought on “Make It A Date

  1. omg jen, i read your blog daily… what are some date plans for the summer? waiting to hear your ideas! your so inspiring jenny jennlove, your number one reader

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