27th Birthday

Today I awoke to a rosey shaded apartment. The Boy outdid himself, he really did. June 19th 2011, my 27th birthday. I look back to this date last year and feel so overcome by all the positive changes, transgressions and moving forwardness of my life. I’m about to celebrate my one year yoga anniversary and my six month relationship anniversary. With both infused in my life, a growth beyond words was developed. Patience. Freedom. Complete happiness.

I’ve been looking forward to my 27th birthday for years. A numerologist, this has always been my favourite number and has signified pure completeness to me. I’ve celebrated the 27th of each month, waking up with a hopeful attitude, and in numerology 27 signifies pure completeness. As I arise on this day, I feel complete.

Last night, as midnight stroked, The Boy (safely) popped a bottle of champagne brought over to his place by my dad. He served it to the umpteen number of guests he was hosting in a fete in my honour. With vases filled with fresh pink peonies, dim lighting, and my favourite tunes playing on surround sound, guests got to enjoy flutes filled while bumping shoulders and networking with one another. In true ‘how he does’ fashion, The Boy brought out 27 Cake Opera cupcakes with tall pink candles. As the room turned black and guests broke into the ever so traditional ‘happy birthday’ song, I made – what I would say – is my best wish yet. I was amazed with the art work that was these miniture cakes and everyone could likely go to heaven after having had eaten them.

As I blew out the candles and looked across the room, I realized I was surrounded in absolute love. The love of my aunt, uncle, father, cousin, friends and boyfriend. People who know me down to the core, and despite of my geministic good and bad, quirks and qualms, love me in spite of it all. Though I received some very Jenny Jen approved novel-like signed cards, the actual presence of those who made it, out filled me with more than I could ever ask for.

I wanted to take this opportunity to also thank YOU, my blonde, bronzed reader for coming back to my blog (ad nauseum) to get my take on what to do, how to act and how to cope in the madness that is our twentysomethings. It is YOU who helps make me the complete pint-sized creature that I am. Your comments via my blog, Twitter and Facebook help shape and challenge me. For this I am ever-so-grateful. Enjoy this day. Enjoy each moment and remember, “be happy so long as breath is in you.”

– The girl who is celebrating the big two seven, Jenny Jen

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