Team Players

With the Stanley Cup final game being played last night, I can’t help but think about what it takes to be a team player. When we think of our relationships, we know how ever so important it is to be one. But what does that comprise of?

To be a team player is to be:

– supportive
– encouraging
– motivating
– provide continuous positive reinforcement
– dependable
– celebratory in good moments/comforting in rough moments

The same way a comraderie is built within teams, the same should be built in your relationship. A one-sided, me me me mentality a relationship does not make. Relationships are team work. Doing things together. Problem solving together. Prompting one another to be the best person they can be. When you sit and listen to your partner, give them all of you. Your attention. Your support. Your honest, whole-hearted feedback. Challenge them in a way their friends wouldn’t dare. As a half of a team, it is your absolute duty to help maintain the grounding of your team. On rough days help pick your man up, through not only your words, but your belief in him.

To be in a relationship is to help pick someone up on the bad days, to level them on the good days, to provide balance, consistent support, to make them even better off with having you in their lives. Sometimes you need to give more than you’re getting, other days you’ll need to be more selfish and take more. Relationships are about figuring out what is best for both of you in that moment, and tending to those needs from a place of loving kindness. Never forget that you coupled up cuties are on a team, because once pride and self involvement come into the mix it will effect not only the sportsmanlike conduct, but the game plan as well.

– Jenny Jen

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