Catching Kisses

At red lights. On the dance floor at a wedding. In the kitchen. In line at the theatre. While walking down the street. A peck here. A peck there. The allure of catching kisses is the I-can’t-get-enough-of-you feeling that accompanies them. Some couples confine their kisses to the privacy of their own home, paying homage to the more traditional behind-closed doors feel. Others catch kisses any chance they get and those are the couples who practice romance and reciprocal reassurance on a daily basis.

The in-the-moment kiss means nothing else matters. It’s a simple subtlety oblivious of who catches a glimpse. It isn’t a full fledged make out, and tongue need not be involved. Instead, the kiss is a momentary symbol of desire. Have you ever paid attention to when you pop up on your tippy toes to reach your mans scruffy face for a mwa moment?

Here is when we usually steal a smooch with our men:

– when they say something so ‘awwww’ worthy
– when they seem a bit down and we want to show them some affection
– when you have the thought that you are the luckiest girl alive for having him in your life
– when caught in a playful moment
– because you can’t get enough of him
– when you’re both giggling
– when he says something very powerful, meaningful or emotional
– as a ‘thank you’ after he does a kind act
– just because you can!

Fear not others judgements. When you get that innate instinct to lean in for the kiss, trust that instinct and make it happen. Our bodies often give us tell-tale cues as of what to do. Listen to the messages your body gives and when it tells you to just kiss, pucker those plush lips of yours and go for it. Chances are, he’s feeling the exact same thing as you are. And after-all, we are fortunately all too familiar with just how lovely it is when we’re on the receiving end.

When do you catch kisses and is their somewhere you crave to catch one that would seem risque?

– Jenny Jen xoxo

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