Roll With The Punches

High maintenance as we might be, there is something ever so desirable when one rolls with the punches and just goes with it. When – instead of taking the to be expected step – you do something counter to your initial reaction. You in a sense, don’t do. In a life full of living and learning, we often fall prey to our patterns of being. I sometimes see how reactive people can be, instead of taking a step back allowing yourself some much needed time to cool off and looking at your goal. If the guy you’re dating does something that throws you off, ask yourself what your goal is with him? For most of us, our goal is to continue moving forward in a great relationship and eventually take it to the next step. So if your goal is a future with him, why take something out of context in the present?

It is easy for us to give into our thoughts of wanting everything to be as perfect as it can be; as well suited to our imaginations and wants and needs as we’d like. And though try as we might, that isn’t all that realistic. We can’t account for the uncontrollable; other people, weather, situations that arise. But what we are accountable for is ourselves and how we choose to respond to the situation. Ask yourself, in the grand scheme of things, does this situation matter? Is bringing up and in turn arguing about whatever it is thats bringing you down worth the potential of losing your partner? If it isn’t, practice acceptance then let it go.

Done are the days of drama. We are too mature for letting little nuances make or break our days; letting our lows seep lower than need be. Roll with the punches, don’t fall prey to your usually way of dealing with things and instead try responding in a way counter to what your in-the-moment instincts tell you to.

– Jenny Jen

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